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After nine months of organising the house, scrolling through baby names and feeling the kicks in your partners belly, the big day you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. You are now a father! No matter how much research you’ve done, nothing can prepare you for being a dad quite like your first newborn.

How Can I Connect with My Newborn?

Your baby may not be able to walk, talk and play yet but there are many ways you can connect with your baby. Spending quality time with your little one early will strengthen your bond from the get go. Talking, reading and singing songs to your baby – enables them to become familiar with your voice and learn early stages of language development. Soothing bub through burping, cuddling and gently rocking will build their trust. You can also connect by pulling silly faces and tickling toes while changing nappies and bathing.

Looking After Yourself and Your Partner

Once upon a time it was just the two of you and now your adorable bundle has brought unconditional love, laughter, tears, and sleepless nights. Check in to see how each other is going and do things together that you used to. Keep the communication open as you find your way through new changes such as parenting, housework and finances. Spending time alone, with friends and meeting other parents are all important factors that contribute to overall happier mental wellbeing. It can put you at ease to share challenges, advice and funny stories with someone who understands how equally difficult and incredible this time of your life is.