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We help businesses build connection & trust with local families. 

Do you want more families to know about your business?

We hear from businesses daily about how they would love more families to know about their business. How if they could just get their brand and business in front of more family’s that they would make more revenue and their business could grow. That they wish they could build trust and a relationship with parents so that they can be advocates for their business  now and into the future.

Smart businesses know that the family market is lucrative and audience that they should invest time and money in to. This takes time, strategy and a multifaceted approach.

We’d love to help you.

It’s all about the audience

When it comes to smart marketing, the audience is the key factor, not the marketing platform.

The PakMag Audience

PakMag-MegSalesPage-Mum-2--2021 copy

Mums 18 – 55

Dads 18 – 55

PakMag-MegSalesPage-Grandparents-2021 copy


PakMag-MegSalesPage-Kids-2021 copy

Children 0 – 16

(kids who can read enjoy PakMag too & enter our comps). 

PakMag is more than just a magazine

it’s a community of parents who engage with us through multiple touch points daily.


  • Our Facebook pages receive 45,000+ impressions weekly
  • 500+ hours of content watched monthly on our YouTube channel.
  • 100+ Podcast episodes featuring global parenting experts and guests.
  • Thousands of families on our email list.
  • 10,000 impressions per week on our websites and blog content.
  • Thousands of digital magazine reads each year.

Ask us to find out more about our digital marketing options


  • We host several events per year in each region. 
  • Since 2007 we have hosted over 300 free events for the community.
  • We promote over 300 local venues, businesses and clubs information for free. This helps us inform our readers so they can connect with their local community  and in turn, support local businesses and community groups. 

Reach out to learn more about our community opportunities 

Why is PakMag so popular with the family market?


Helpful Content


100% Positive Parenting Medium


Dedicated platform for parents with kids 0-16


Amazing Prizes


Supportive Community


Expert Advice

We have options for every budget.

The PakMag Brand has a variety of options to suit different marketing budgets and objectives. We want to help you reach our family audience through our variety of digital medium

Digital Options

  • Organic Facebook Post
  • Sponsored Blog Post
  • Website Naming Rights Sponsor
  • Targeted Facebook Campaign
  • Website Category Sponsor
  • PakMag Live Video
  • Boosted Facebook Post
  • PakMag Review Video
  • Podcast Sponsor

We start the conversation.

Multiple touch points is our specialty. 

Businesses we work best with

We work best with businesses that care about their local community. Businesses that want to attract families in North Queensland from Sarina to Cooktown.  Businesses that have amazing products and services that offer solutions to the family market.


  • Educational facilities
  • School holiday providers
  • Tourism operators
  • Childcare & Kindergartens
  • Party suppliers
  • Entertainment & event specialists
  • Retail outlets
  • Local produce
  • Disability inclusion providers
  • Places to eat
  • Venues
  • Sporting & extracurricular groups
  • Places to play
  • Maternity & baby supplies
  • Councils & community groupsps

Belong to
something bigger

PakMag has always been bigger than the eye can see. We reach our audience on so many levels.

99% of locals would recommend PakMag to a friend.

We are one of the first brands a new parent, or a new resident who’s moved to our region are told to connect with so they can find out about things happening locally.

We are a brand embedded into the community as a very trusted and positive friend that our community can rely on.

99% of people in our region know and love our brand.

Everyone that knows PakMag, loves and trusts what PakMag stands for.



Everything we do is to make the lives of parents easier. We believe that parenting is one of the most important jobs in the world. We believe that if parents are supported and empowered that they will raise incredible kids and the world will be a much better place because of it. We believe good parenting is the key to changing the world.

To do this we need the support of like minded businesses. Businesses that want to engage deeply with this audience, and market to them in a way that builds trust, rapport and results.


We do this by producing positive and relevant content that helps parents learn, laugh and connect with a positive community of parents who want to grow. To do this we need to educate them about wonderful brands and businesses that can help them on their parenting journey.

Brands and businesses that
will make their life easier.

Brands and businesses that
will make their life better.

Brands and businesses that
will make their life secure.


You can find our great content in our amazing parenting magazine, on our website, through our online courses, on our YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram pages and by listening to our podcast. All of which have incredible experts contributing to them from all over the world.

With the support of brands and business, we can continue to offer the majority of what we do for free to help parents learn and grow.

We are a 100% positive medium, that supports all families no matter their socioeconomic status, relationship status, culture, gender, age, beliefs or ability.

Marketing is an investment. When your advertising is
shown to the right audience, in the right way,
it makes a business money. 

There are so many platforms these days, and none of them are free. They all take an investment of time and money to be successful and build engagement with the audience you are targeting.

There has never been a more exciting yet challenging time to advertise and market your business. If you want your business to grow, the best way to do that is through successful marketing campaigns; whether that be referral, word of mouth, signage, brand identity, content marketing, or advertising.

Marketing is never wasted-it’s like planting seeds- you never know when they are going to bloom.

More platforms, equals more opportunities, but it also means more headaches as you try and navigate the never ending landscape and decide where best to invest your precious time and marketing dollar.

If you want to market to families- we’d love to help you.

Hear what our amazing community of parents
and advertisers have to say about PakMag

Since the article and subsequent adverts appeared in PakMag, we have increased our membership from 5 regular attending families to over 45 families who come along to playgroup on a Wednesday and Friday - so an awesome job and many thanks to the PakMag team!

J.PinchbeckLittle Diggers Community Centre

Thank you so much for the Show & Tell article in January - we have been getting lots of calls from this. Plus, the advertisements we are running to promote our new water park, has helped our business really take off. Thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to continuing to work with you

T.PattersonManager - Kurrimine Beach Holiday Park

As an advertiser I can thoroughly recommend PakMag. We most certainly have had an increase in children and young people participating in our programs since advertising with PakMag. Thanks to the PakMag team for their consistent approach in trying to promote our programs through articles and promotions. In short I would say PakMag ROCKS!!

L. BoswellManaging Director - The Young Company

Keep up the great work you do in PakMag. My kids are aged between 8 - 12yrs and I do get lots of great information from your magazine, so thanks very much.

NedaPakMag Reader

Why Work With PakMag?

Our Core Values

Create happier communities

Love connecting families & businesses

Collaborate with creativity

Lead & Engage with heart

Publish authentic content with integrity always

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