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Get ready to sleigh your shopping! Our Christmas gift list is here to make things a ho-ho-whole lot easier!

Nowdays the options seems endless, but choosing the perfect gift can seem perilous. But fear not! The PakMag Gift list has the best & newest in the one place.

Gifts For Kids

Peter Alexander Onesie  for $49
Looking for the perfect gift for someone with a bub? A onesie is not just cute, but it’s also incredibly practical. Soft, comfortable, and easy to put on, it’s a must-have for every little one, plus Christmas time always brings the most adorable designs!

 Silicone Feeding Set for $35

May seem a bit casual, but any parent with a little one will love the practicality of this gift. it’s BPA-free, easy to clean, and designed to make feeding a breeze. Give the gift of worry-free, break-free and mess free mealtimes for both baby and parents!

Yeeha Fort Builder for $35

A fort builder is the ultimate gift for kids of all ages who love to unleash their creativity and embark on imaginative adventures. This exciting and versatile toy encourages children to build, play, and learn in an interactive and fun way.

Kids Camera for $69

Kids love to observe the world around them, and a Kids Camera empowers them to capture their unique perspective. It’s a fantastic way to nurture their creativity and encourage them to see the beauty in everyday moments. Durable and safe, it’s sure to capture their imagination.

Hot Wheels Multi-Loop Raceoff for $39

A racetrack offers hours of non-stop fun and adrenaline-pumping races. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, providing limitless entertainment for children and their friends.

Gifts For Teens

SpikeBall for $110

If you haven’t heard of SpikeBall, we bet your teen has! This is the ultimate game for a beach day, family picnic or backyard competitions. Your teen will love this new age game, and if you’re lucky, might them you play too!


Crosley Bluetooth Portable Turntable for $199

Who would’ve thought teens would want a record player? Well, what goes around!
The portable record player has made a comeback and is must for your teens sanctuary (bedroom)

Dart Tech Sentinel for $14

A motorised blast of friendly fire fun from
Headstart makes Dart Tech Sentinel the perfect toy for teenagers, older children and even kids at heart looking for some active excitement with friends.

Fjallraven Kånken Backpack for $149

This is another one that parents probably haven’t heard of, but has taken off in the world of back to school style. These Swedish laptop backpacks are practically made for teens: They’re brightly coloured, just the right size for school stuff and tech, and hardy enough to last through multiple years of school.

Gifts For Parents

Coolbag Backpack by Red Equipment for $225

Know an outdoorsy type?

The cool bag backpack from Red Original makes planning a family BBQ, surfing with friends, or hiking solo, take food and refreshments trouble free.
The cooler backpack is completely watertight, leakproof and airtight. This means cold or hot foods will last longer no matter the weather or location.The internal dimensions of the bag also provides space to fit standard mid-size Tupperware.

Jumbuck Portable Pizza Oven for $199

Now this is a lifetime ticket to dad’s good book. The Jumbuck Portable Gas Pizza Oven is your way to delicious, restaurant-quality pizzas in any outdoor setting.  This pizza oven delivers rapid heat, allowing you to achieve the perfect crispy crust and gooey, melted cheese every time.

Long Distance House Lamps for $199

This is the perfect gift for that sentimental parent who calls everyday. Now you can let them know you are thinking of them no matter how far apart you are. These lamps are a beautiful way to show communicate how much you care. Not to mention you get one for yourself!

Gifts For Grandparents

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote for $59

Grand Parents aren’t always the most tech savvy, but with one of these bad boys making their tv setup ‘smart’ is a breeze. The best part? no typing. Just tell Alexa what you want to watch, Netflix, Youtube, Amazon, and she will take you there.

Wordle: The Party Game for $29

Everyone knows that Wordle has taken over the world in 2023, but for grandparents nothing beats the classics, scrabble, solitaire or a good puzzle. Well with this version theres no tech needed. Trust us, this game will have them hooked!

Dogs in the Air by Jack Bradley for $32

Who has a better sense of humour than grandparents? well this one is sure to provide a few chuckles. I mean there is nothing more joyous than seeing a dog jumping in the air – tongue lolling, ears flapping, legs wildly outstretched and eyes wide with delight.


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