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The physical act of growing a baby inside our bodies requires a huge amount of nutrients. Once we go through the enormous physical and emotional stress of birth, our bodies get knocked around with physiological issues such as hormonal changes, interruption of the circadian day/night rhythm and of course, mental and emotional waves. 

Postnatal Depletion is a term that is associated with many minerals, vitamins and nutrient insufficiencies. This means we are at great risk if we are unnecessarily depleted and our cells and organs aren’t running properly due to the suboptimal levels of nutrients

Whilst every birth is different, there are five key points every mother should be aware:

1. Boost key nutrients – Magnesium, Zinc, B vitamins and Iron (if you are low) are critical.

2. Remember to eat nutrient dense food like fruit, vegetables and meat.

3. Reduce stress and watch out for adrenal fatigue.

4. Repair the body – Collagen, bone broths and reduce inflammation by avoiding processed foods.

5. Listen to your body – we tend to develop a ‘mother’s intuition’ but we need to use it on ourselves. Your physical and mental wellbeing is much more important to your kids than the folded washing.

STORY Emma Jensen, Integrative Pharmacist, Australian Nutrition Centre
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  • Emma Jensen - Australian Nutrition Centre

    Emma Jensen Integrative Pharmacist, Co-Owner Emma is one of our co-owners, and holds a Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy and Certificates in Pharmaceutical Compounding and Nutraceutical Therapy. Emma specialises in skin management with a major interest in women's health, gut microflora and nutraceutical compounding. As a mum of two young boys, Emma understands the demands of juggling a career with motherhood. A fitness enthusiast, Emma enjoys her daily CrossFit sessions to keep her mind and body strong and healthy.