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For all things Tweens and Teens this November, we give some helpful tips on deciding on a career while also looking at how teenagers can improve their time management skills.

Deciding on a Career

Deciding on a career is a big decision many teens make during their high school years. The prospect of it can be stressful, both for you and for them. This is a path that your child will need to discover for themselves, but there are definitely some ways you can support them through the process.

Be supportive no matter your teen’s choices (even if their desired path isn’t what you “hoped” they would choose – everyone has different strengths, weaknesses and interests). Teach them about resumes, cover letters and interviews, and how to navigate them. Research possible careers together, and be open to new careers that may not have existed when you were younger. Lastly, push them to chase their passion!

Time Management

With all the homework, revision, friendships, extracurricular activities and family time, time management becomes an important skill to master during the teenage years. Learning these skills will not only help them excel academically, but they’ll stay with them as they enter adulthood.

It’s a good idea to start with planners and calendars to write down any important exams, sports games or appointments. Prepare school bags and lunches the night before, have a place in the house for everything and organise items using labels and categories. It’s also helpful to break big tasks into smaller ones (for instance, instead of studying a whole chapter of a textbook, study them page by page).

In addition, it’s important for your teen to identify when they are the most productive, and make good use of this time. Some may prefer to get their homework out of the way as soon as they get home from school, while others may feel more motivated after having dinner.



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