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For our dive into health this November, let’s take a look at what growing pains are and some interesting lung facts that you may not know!

Growing Pains

If achy legs are keeping your child awake at night, they’re not alone. They may be experiencing growing pains; defined as achy, cramping muscle pains that many pre-schoolers and preteens feel in their legs. It’s thought 25 to 40 percent of children experience them, and it most commonly occurs in the late afternoon or evenings. Some children may experience a lot of pain, while others may not experience much at all.

Despite the name “growing pains”, there is no evidence that the pains are linked to growth spurts. In fact, no one really knows what exactly causes them. However, growing pains can occur due to the activities children take part in that may tire out their muscles. Excessive running, jumping and climbing is sure to cause some muscle strain, as can a full day of playing sports. The pains usually occur in the front of the thighs, back of the legs and behind the knees, and often quickly disappear by the time morning comes.

Growing pains are normal and nothing to worry about. However, if your child complains of pain in their legs and you notice swelling or areas that are tender, red, or warm, it’s probably something else and you should take them to see a doctor.

Did You Know? – Interesting Facts about Lungs

Lungs and tennis courts are the same size. No, really. If your lungs were opened flat, they would be big enough to cover the size of a tennis court.

The air we breathe contains 21 per cent oxygen, and out of that, our bodies only use five per cent and the rest is exhaled.

The average person breathes around 11,000 litres of air daily.

We also exhale up to 17.5 ml of water per hour.

It’s possible to live with one lung. While it limits your physical ability, it doesn’t stop you from living a normal life.


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