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Gina Jones started creating breastmilk paintings towards the end of 2020, finding a unique and beautiful way to preserve such a precious time in a mother and baby’s life. “What motivated me to try this was a combination of curiosity and daydreaming, which led me to experiment with breastmilk in my alcohol ink portrait painting. I am also a passionate breastfeeding advocate, so it was only natural for me to experiment with including breastmilk in art.” 

How Has the Reaction Been to Your Works? 

“It has been a mix of reactions. Most mothers absolutely love the idea of such a unique breastfeeding keepsake which they can have their own breastmilk incorporated into the painting. As breastfeeding and breastmilk is still unfortunately a bit of a taboo subject and sexualised to some people, there have been a couple of negative comments, but I went into this venture ready to tackle it and help educate those people along the way too.”

What About Those Nervous the Milk May Spoil?

“I have developed my own preservation method as the preservation powder went gritty in my art. The process has not been disclosed, and is a closely guarded secret to protect the Intellectual Property. 

I had lab results done on a breastmilk painting that confirmed zero mould or yeast cultures were present on the paintings. These test results are available in the FAQ on my website to view. The paintings also come with a five-year warranty for extra peace of mind.” 

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