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Nothing makes me feel like a man quite like a pair of tongs. The simple act of giving them a few test clicks before burning a dozen snags is a feeling I live for. Throw a Great Northern into my left hand (the right is my primary snag turning hand) and a couple of kids at my feet and I am in fatherhood heaven. 

I come from a long line of backyard-barbecuers. And like the many snag burners before me – it’s a tradition I lovingly continue. I have great memories of my father sizzling away under our back patio in the late 80’s. Again, beer in hand, Cold Chisel blaring out of the family stereo and slabs of red meat sizzling so fiercely the dogs three doors down are having conniptions. This folks, is the Aussie barbie in all its glory. 

What I do in the backyard these days – is quite the opposite to what seems to be taking off all over the country right now. Of course, I’m referring to low ‘n’ slow, American-style BBQ. The cooking trend they make Netflix specials about every other day. Taking ribs, briskets and pork butts (that’s seriously what they call them) and seasoning them inch-thick with some guy named Bubba’s secret blend. You then cook your chosen cut over coals from June till about mid-October. The results are always incredible. It’s the kind of food I like to devour wearing a bib with a bowl of lemon-water close by. But do I have the patience to cook it myself? Hell no. So, for me it’s the Aussie method all the way. 

Like I said – the “Aussie method” is pretty much the exact opposite to low ‘n’ slow. It’s more – hot ‘n’ fast. Example below: 

Step 1 – Turn on gas and turn all burners to max temp.

Step 2 – Once hotplate reaches similar temperature to that of the Sun’s surface – add snags.

Step 3 – Drink beer and get lost in thought or conversation.

Step 4 – Forget about said snags until wife reminds you. Turn snags.

Step 5 – Once sufficiently charred, remove snags from barbeque, add diagonally to bread and drown in enough tomato sauce (tomato only) to re-float the Titanic. 

Whilst this method of barbequing is not going to win me any awards (or friends with the neighbour’s dog) – it is my way of doing it. And my family seems to love it. I haven’t had any complaints yet. Now to find those tongs and give ‘em a few test clicks. Happy Barbequing! 


  • Cliffo

    Cliffo is a 30-something father of two, and happy Hubby! He loves all things food, footy and any beer that he can add lime to. On weekends you’ll find him with the family, yelling along to an NRL game or settling into a Netflix binge. Gabi is a fun loving dog-mum to ‘Bear’ the Chihuahua and is currently in wedding planning mode! In Gabi’s spare time you’ll find her at the cinema, exploring waterfalls and recharging with a sleep in!