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Regularly exercising during pregnancy has many health benefits, but it’s important to be sensible with your exercise program and the level of exercise that you do. Consulting a doctor, physiotherapist or healthcare professional will make sure the exercise routine isn’t harmful to you or your baby. Remember that exercise can be beneficial without being strenuous; walking, swimming, light resistance training, low-impact aerobics and cycling on a stationary bike are all good choices. Exercise also helps prepare your body for childbirth. And anything you can do to help with that… you’ll do, right?

Exercise Tips for When You’re Pregnant:

Always warm up and cool down.

Try to exercise in the cooler parts of the day, especially in the summer!

Try to keep active every day. 30 minutes of walking can be enough.

Stay hydrated and avoid strenuous exercise in hot or humid weather.

Aim for a light to moderate program. Don’t exhaust yourself. General rule: you should still be able to hold a conversation at this level of exercise. If you are breathless, you’ve pushed yourself too far. As the pregnancy progresses, you may need to slow down. Listen to the advice of your health team, and above all, listen to your body.

If you weren’t active before you got pregnant, that does not mean that you cannot have an active pregnancy. Start with low intensity exercise such as walking for 10-15 minutes per day (as long as you have been cleared), and speak to a health professional about how you can ensure that your body is as equipped for child birth as it can be!

Exercises / Activities to Avoid During Pregnancy :

Contact sports, horse riding, gymnastics, cycling, scuba-diving, exercise at altitudes over 2,500m above sea level. Don’t do repetitive high impact exercise or exercise where you get too hot. Don’t lie flat on your back for extended periods of time.


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