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You’d be hard-pressed to find a child that doesn’t LOVE the school holidays, especially the extended holidays around Christmas time. As much as kids love all the time they have off school, there are days when filling that time or coming up with ideas to fill that time gets hard. This can often leave kids feeling bored and puts pressure on parents to find things for their children to do, which, let’s be honest – can be difficult if you decide to not hand over the devices for a few hours! We know how hard it can be at PakMag, some of us being parents ourselves and all of us having been kids at one point! To help out, we’ve created a special list of activities to keep the kids entertained, having fun and learning – most of which are simple yet engaging. Check out our school holiday boredom busters below:

Remember to check out our school holiday guide in this edition for a huge additional list of awesome things to do and places to go over these summer holidays.

Boredom Busters 

Interview a Family Member

Get to know your family members as they share intriguing stories, general advice and information on your family history. Not to mention the infinite wisdom that many Grandparents can offer! Find a list of sample questions in our blog “Family History – It’s So Much More Than a Family Tree”.

Learn Old School Games

Remember the games you used to play as a kid? Why not pass the fun onto your children by teaching them old school games like hopscotch, handball, elastics etc. We’ve put together a blog with easy instructions so you can refresh your memory and your kids can learn how to play them for themselves .

Make Slime

Slime can be very amusing for kids to play with. It’s a squishy, gooey mess that you can use your hands to pull apart… what’s not to love?! Follow our blog “Easy Homemade Slime to make homemade slime and help your child stay entertained for hours.

Cook up a Storm

Cooking is an excellent way to have fun, practice creativity and be rewarded with your own tasty creations at the end. It also teaches lifelong and beneficial skills to your children. Let them pick one of our delicious online recipes and work together to make it, bonding and learning together.

Go Camping

Camping is the ultimate activity for family bonding, connecting to nature and exploring the great outdoors. There are a huge variety of beautiful places to camp in North Queensland; you can find the ultimate camping checklist and a list of fun games to play with the kids when relaxing at your camp site HERE.

One Word – LEGO®

If your child likes building, playing and creating, then LEGO is the way to go. Why not participate in one of the many 30-day challenges you can find online? These challenges assign a new building task every day, testing your child’s mind while helping them have endless indoor fun.

Get Crafty

We have heaps of craft activities online for kids that are entertaining and provide them with their very own unique creations at the end. Help the little artist or designer in your house get an early start in developing their passion, all while having plenty of fun.

Read a Good Book

Books will forever remain a great way to pass time on a quiet day and dive into fantasy. Not only are they entertaining, they are also educational and spark creativity in children. Luckily there are plenty of amazing books out there to read, so children will never run out!

100 Boredom Busters Free Downloadable

Your kids will never run out things to do with our Boredom Busters free downloadable. Answer the “I’m bored!” statement by providing them with 100 different activities that are all doable at home. You could even put them into a hat individually and let your kids pick an activity out at random for an extra surprise.

There is also a range of other free handy resources on the PakMag website including a printable kitchen conversion chart, a lunchbox planner and more! Get them HERE. 



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