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How do mums do it? How do they juggle an 8kg baby in one arm and a handbag on the other (that sometimes weighs just as much)?

Mums are always on the scene ready to help their kids, or someone else’s, with the endless pit of goodies in their handbag that only they can locate. So, what parenting essentials make it on the list (and in the handbag) – for items you just can’t leave home without?

Baby Wipes 

One of the most common items that mums use, even when their kids have left home, are of course baby wipes. Baby wipes, or Wet-Naps as they were first called, have been a mother’s all-time favourite handbag item since 1958, but even more so now we live in a snap-happy era. From dirty daycare cheeks to vegemite fingers and dropped ice-cream, a baby wipe is never far away.

Sugar-free Biscuits

This leads us to the next item; food. Does “I’m huuungry?” ring a bell? Only every hour or so. Sugar-free biscuits can be a great back-up snack to help your little one through to the next meal time. They are lightweight and stay fresh in our tropical North Queensland conditions.


Kids spend countless hours in the great outdoors – exploring their world and developing their coordination, balance and agility skills. Whether it be climbing a rock wall, building mermaids at the beach, or letting loose with water play – a top essential handbag item to ensure sun safety, is no doubt, sunscreen. A minimum of SPF30+ is recommended and don’t forget to reapply every two hours.

Band-aids and Savlon 

Thinking of going for a walk or a bike ride? A supply of band-aids for grazed knees and hands can ease the pain not only for your child, but for parents’ ears during the remainder of the adventure. If you happen to pass unsuspected mosquitos and don’t have repellent, then Savlon can offer instant relief for any nasty bites and fits nicely into your trusty bag. This antiseptic cream can also double-up to soothe cuts, scratches, blisters, sunburn, windburn, cracked and itchy skin.


Including these top five essential handbag items means – we have a clean child with food in their belly, who is sun safe and cared for if they were to encounter any minor mishaps. Last on the list, but equally important for parents’ peace of mind is; entertainment. Parents will regularly find themselves in places where there is no form of entertainment for their kids and they simply won’t sit still. Whether it you’re at a café, waiting for an appointment or at a friend’s place – it can be reassuring to know your child is kept busy. An interesting colouring or activity book with exciting pens or pencils could be just what you need. Be sure to check out what’s on offer in an arts and crafts shop and change up your magic bag of tricks occasionally to keep your children occupied while you enjoy time for you.


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