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2020 was the year that many of us embraced an extended digital lifestyle. Our smartphones, tablets and home laptops became a critical gateway to connections and an escape from lockdown. While this did bring friends and families closer together and strengthened bonds in some cases, many Aussies have felt the impacts of daily digital overload on their wellbeing.

Optus Pause 

These school holidays are the perfect time for digitally-drained Australians to assess if their family is in need of a digital detox, with new research indicating that almost 2/3 (63%) of Aussies believe that pausing their connectivity for digital wellbeing is appealing.

At Optus they recognised this, and launched Optus Pause as a free way to give Aussie families the freedom to enjoy their time together by opting to pause notifications and connectivity distractions that bombard them throughout every day.

As well as leveraging the Optus Pause feature via the My Optus app, there are plenty of ways that families can get smarter with the way we use our mobile These seemingly small habits can result in an improved mental state, better connection with those around you and offer greater control over your digital lives so you can be more productive and connected every day.

Here are some tips for you and your family to conquer a digital detox.

  1. Set Limits

Setting boundaries on the type and timing of mobile phone use will help ensure you and your family can enjoy real-world activities free of digital distractions. Schedule technology-free hours for your family, stay away from phones during meals, and add technology-free activities to your day like reading or walking outside. Other times you might want to limit your digital device usage include when you are waking up or going to bed, and of course this could be particularly useful around homework time, or when you need to concentrate on a project or hobby.

  1. Remove Distractions

Another way to start your digital detox is to turn off push notifications on your mobile. Many social media apps send alerts every single time you get a message, mention, or new post. Rather than checking certain apps or websites every time a new story or post hits, set aside a specific time each day when you’ll check your messages or mentions.

  1. Plan for down time

Set a time each week that is dedicated to spending quality family time without distractions from mobile phones or other devices. Whether it is a short physical activity together like a bike ride on the weekends, an hour for reading before bed to wind down or Saturday morning brunch together, these physical moments of togetherness will be made all the sweeter when everyone is logged off, and present in the moment.

Whether it’s study time, bed-time, dinner time or personal time, with Optus Pause and a few simple steps you can temporarily pause connectivity on all, or some, Optus home and Optus mobile devices simultaneously. Free with selected Optus Plans, Optus Pause is exclusive to Optus Home and Mobile customers.


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