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DIY Christmas Gifts

If you’re looking to get creative this Christmas, why not make special gifts for the people you love instead of buying them? DIY Christmas gifts are some of the best gifts to receive as they really show effort by the giver and add a unique touch. So, in the spirit of giving, we’ve created easy instructions for four amazing DIY gifts that won’t be too difficult to make. Check them out below (and don’t be afraid to get extra creative!):

DIY Polaroid Coasters

What You Need

10x10cm ceramic tiles or smaller

Printed photos (smaller than tile)

Modge Podge

Sponge brush

Clear Spray paint (acrylic)

4 small adhesive felt circles per coaster


Trim your photos down to fit on the tile – 5mm of space between the sides and top of the photo and tile. Trim to leave 1 – 2cm of space between the bottom of the photo and the tile.

Coat the back of the photo with modge podge, using a sponge brush.

Lightly coat the tile and photo with an even layer of modge podge (it dries clear). Leave to dry for at least two hours.

Spray with acrylic spray. Once dry, stick an adhesive felt circle to each corner on the back of the coaster.

Tip: Edit your photos with filters before printing to appear more antiqued – like a Polaroid.


DIY Christmas Reindeer Gift Bags

What You Need

Brown shopping/gift bags with handles

Red and white candy canes (wrapped)

Medium – large googly eyes

Large red pom poms

Hot glue gun and glue stick (or glue dots)

Sticky tape


Use the sticky tape to stick a candy cane on the left and right side of the inside of the bag. They should face sideways and outwards, on a slight angle, approximately 2 – 4 cm from the edge of the bag. Use the photo above for reference – these are the antlers.

Glue the googly eyes to the outside of the bag, almost centre but slightly more towards the top of the bag.

Then stick a pom pom between and below the eyes – this is the reindeer’s nose.

Now you have a gift bag that’s perfect for Christmas!


DIY Poke-a-Tree Christmas Game

What You Need

Thin red and green paper (tissue paper, wrapping paper, origami paper or crepe paper)

Rubber Bands

Large canvas or sheet of cardboard

Sheet of brown paper

Paper cups – red and green (or you can use / paint white ones)

Mini-presents / prizes

Hot glue gun and glue sticks


Cut out circles of paper that are large enough to fold over and around the cup opening (see image below).

Put a mini present or two inside each cup. Fold the paper over the opening, gluing it down to the sides of the cup or using a rubber band to hold it in place.

Glue the bottom of each cup to the canvas or cardboard, creating the shape of a tree.

Cut out the tree stump from brown paper and glue it below the tree. You can use it as a fun advent calendar, a reward incentive or at a Christmas Party as prizes for winning a game.


DIY Gingerbread Man Activity

What You Need

Assortment of craft accessories, such as buttons, pipe cleaners, gems, stickers, rhinestones, ribbon etc. Brown craft or construction paper

Small – medium googly eyes

Craft glue and small paint brush




Draw the outline of a gingerbread man onto the paper with a pencil (adult help may be needed). Cut it out with scissors.

Use the paint brush to place a small amount of glue on the back of two googly eyes. Stick them onto the face of the gingerbread man.

You can either draw on a mouth for your gingerbread man or use your craft accessories to create one.

Now you can get creative and start designing! Use the same paint brush to glue down any of the craft accessories however you want.




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