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The Dunstan Baby Language (DBL) is a proven system which teaches the parents of newborns to tune in to their babies and to easily identify what their baby’s cries mean.

Crying is early communication. Your baby telling you that they are hungry, or tired, or perhaps they have wind. These early cries are reflex based. For example, when the baby is hungry, the sucking reflex is stimulated. Their tongue goes up to the top of the mouth as if there is already a breast or bottle there, and when sound is added, we hear it as a ‘neh’ sound.

As new parents we spend a lot of time guessing what they want, and in the time it takes us to correctly guess, their crying has intensified and our stress levels have increased.

What if you spoke their language? If you understood the difference in sound between a hungry cry as opposed to wind cry? How much easier would that make your life?

Our on-line classes teach you the five cry sounds which all parents of newborns need to know; for hunger, tiredness, wind, being uncomfortable, or lower wind pain. In just two sessions you will not only know the sounds, but why they happen and what to do.

With DBL

• babies cry less, as their needs are met;

• there is reduced incidence of colic as parents know when to burp them and

• parents report feeling happier in their parenting.

The end result is a content baby and parents who feel confident in their parenting!

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For your chance to WIN The Dunstan Baby Language (DBL) Course to learn what your baby is trying to communicate with you, head to

Please note the prize is for a DBL class (two sessions) for a parent(s) of a newborn.

Prize is suitable for mothers in their third trimester of pregnancy or parent(s) of a newborn in the first 3 months of age. The prize is valued at $149.00


  • Sonja Preston

    Sonja Preston is the founder of ‘The Parenting Café’, creator of ‘Me Do story cards,’ a Dunstan Baby Language (DBL) Educator and Australia’s National DBL Trainer. Sonja has had extensive experience as an engaging classroom teacher, with qualifications in Special Education, Gifted and Talented children, behavioural difficulties and Field Studies. Sonja is also a highly sought-after Parenting Consultant and has worked as International Trainer with the ‘Parents as Teachers’ program for Macquarie University and as a Parent / Family Support Worker for the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre and Save the Children.