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What is Coding?

Coding is the process of creating a programming language that informs the computer to behave how you would like it to. Every line of the code tells the computer to do something. This then results in a document filled with lines of code, which is called a script.

How is it Applied?

Each script is designed to give computers and machines instructions on an action that needs to be performed. As coding is the basis of everything, it is virtually everywhere. If you like using a coffee machine in the morning to start the day or love the feel of fresh, clean bed sheets, I can assure you that coding is a key factor in both of these processes. It doesn’t simply just affect you at home, it is everywhere today from work – to eating out – to grocery shopping. As soon as you even step into your car there are tiny little computers using coding. It controls your air temperature, petrol, lights, navigation functions and cruise control. Once these processors are working together to inform the car to drive, even the traffic lights on the roads are using it to change the lights’ colours.

What Kinds of Careers Can I Have With It? 

Due to how much we rely on coding in the modern world to navigate all things technological, there are many career opportunities presenting themselves to this new skill set.

In the arts and design industry, you could land yourself a job as a graphic designer, web designer or a videogame designer. Maintaining skills in coding could also result in a career in the field of science, specifically as a chemist, environmental scientist or a medical researcher. Other jobs include data analyst, mechanical engineer, civil engineer, computer programmer or IT professional.

How Do Kids Get Started?

Coding is simple to understand but it does take time and patience to learn the language. This is why it is highly recommended to get kids involved in learning it from a very young age. In fact, many experts have said that, if you have to learn one language, learn the language of code!

There are many games and tools on the market that offer the ability to teach kids this increasingly sought-after skill, as well as clubs and groups across the country that kids can sign up and learn the basics of coding.

One product example is Osmo – – which is one of the most popular on the market as it is interactive hands-on playtime with a wide range of different game options available, including coding games that can teach kids as young as three the basics of coding. The Osmo Coding Starter Kit for example builds coding skills in progression with three hands-on learning games. You can watch your child learn to code as they connect colourful blocks of code in the physical world to transform into an on-screen adventure. This fun, easy introduction to coding is sure to get your child excited about coding, which is a great start to their coding journey.

Resources for Kids 

Osmo also has a number of games that people can download to take kids through their coding journey, namely Coding Awbie (beginners), Coding Jam (intermediate) and Coding Duo (advanced).

Coding Awbie

String together commands to guide Awbie on an epic strawbie-munching adventure. Explore 35 + levels including green forests, spooky caves, jungles, sunny beaches, a snowy mountain, and even a volcano! Build problem solving and logic skills while learning the basic concepts of coding!

Coding Jam

Arrange coding blocks in patterns and loops to compose your own music. Coding Jam comes with 24 characters and over 300 musical sounds to produce your perfect song. Kids can safely record and share their music with friends, family and the Jam community.

Coding Duo

Solve advanced side-by-side puzzles solo or with a friend for double the fun and challenge. Watch the strawbie-loving Awbie and friendly monster Mo work together to overcome brain-stretching challenges. One player codes for Awbie and the other codes for Mo, collaboration and strategy pave the way to success!


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