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My famous DIY combination stain removal spray

1 cup double strength vinegar

¾ cup clear dishwashing liquid (Palmolive Eco or similar)

Heat initially in Microwave for 1 minute or warm on stove top to bind ingredients

Swirl before use

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Quick wash setting

Choosing a quick wash is the perfect cycle setting for those visually clean items that may have been worn a couple of times. A quick wash uses less water, detergent, saves time and energy and is better for maintaining the integrity of fabrics and the shape of clothes.

soka australiaPressed for time

Easily remove burnt residue off your iron plate by using a regular Panadol tablet.  Turn iron on (hot setting) and rub the Panadol over the black residue by using tweezers to hold the tablet. Make sure the Panadol doesn’t have a plastic coating! The burnt build up will melt then you can easily wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Multitask in the laundry sink

Increase the usability of your laundry sink with the Soka Tub – a compartmentalised laundry soaking system that allows you to soak multiple items separately to avoid cross contamination whilst saving water, detergent and time. It also eliminates the risk of children drowning.

Use less detergent

To avoid the stiff and crunchy feeling of clean clothes simply cut back on the amount of laundry detergent you are using, switch to a low suds option and avoid fabric softeners. Use this simple formula to help.

Front loader – use 1/8 recommended laundry detergent + 2 tbs bicarb soda

Top loader – use ¼ recommended laundry detergent + 2 tbs bicarb soda


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