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For over twenty years I’ve been self-employed and have had the freedom to utilise all my skills and play my part in making the world a better place.

But it has come at a cost.

I’ve had many years of working so much that I seriously neglected myself. Achieving, striving, pushing to do my best – has been my way of life as a business owner for over two decades.

The thing is, I was so obsessed with helping others that it fuelled me to create multiple companies that could help as many people in as many ways as possible. I was operating in so many different roles that one moment I was sending a magazine to print, the next; having a strategy session with a coaching client, writing stories, presenting to camera for a travel blog, then singing or presenting on stage. Not to mention making dinner and all of the other mundane life admin tasks we have to fit into our days. I loved how much variety I could squeeze into a day.

I literally wore pants most days because I didn’t have time to shave my legs. I was overdue for medical check-ups, and to top it off – I didn’t have time to see my hairdresser and keep my hair in check (which is kind of an essential for on-camera work). So, my team and I thought the best strategy would be to buy a wig for filming, thinking I could pop it on and have perfect studio-ready hair. The wig arrived, and I did some filming with it – thinking that it wasn’t too noticeable. I look back now and realise how ridiculous I looked.

I was too busy at the time to realise how out of control my life had gotten. I never sat still – I was always doing, or asleep. If I stopped, I literally fell asleep. I was running on adrenaline and felt uncomfortable not maximising every minute of my day. I was working 10 to 20 hour days, trying to grow multiple businesses, create a great place for my team, whilst trying my best to be a great mum, wife, daughter and friend. Some days I did a great job, others I felt like an absolute failure, and my family certainly got what was left of me, not the best of me.

Then Covid hit.

I thought I was going to lose everything I had worked so hard to achieve. During those lockdown months I was forced to slow down, and a range of health issues reared their head (that’s for another day) – the world has a funny way of delivering messages to us. During this time of reflection, I realised that although work is important, having time at home with my kids, husband, and friends, and room for spontaneity was actually very liberating.

I decided that things needed to change, I needed to change, my businesses needed to change.

It’s taken me two years to make and implement massive changes to my life. It hasn’t been easy. It’s been a time where I have judged, doubted, and challenged myself more than any other period in my life (and of course I’ve had others judge, doubt, and challenge me too). It’s like being a caterpillar in a cocoon, hiding away whilst I morph into my next phase of my life.

Thanks to all of those in my life that have patiently waited for me to re-emerge, and held my hand throughout the journey. I am truly grateful for my family, my friends, and my ever-supportive team.

Wigs and unshaved legs are now replaced with walks, talks, and being ok with not having to be all things to all people – I can be me, and live my best life, and you can too.


  • Bree James

    Bree James, epitomises ‘entrepreneur’. From starting her first official business at the age of eighteen, to running one of Australia’s most successful regional publishing companies, Bree has entrepreneurial DNA in every fibre of her being. The eternal solution finder, Bree’s innate ability to seize opportunity and fill market gaps has attributed to her huge success in the business world. But she’s more than just the driving force behind her own enterprises. Working with organisations around the country, Bree is also an acclaimed presenter, author, podcaster, travel writer, YouTuber, performer, and an inspirational mentor to small business owners everywhere. Her philosophy in life is to be brave, be bold and be brilliant.