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An Easier, Sumo Sized Christmas

When it comes to Christmas, you can be caught in two minds when it comes to finance. On one hand, there is the guilt that comes with spending big and the idea that it should be the thought that counts. On the other hand, given just how difficult the year has been you could be forgiven for wanting to splash out a bit and spoil the special people in your life. So how do you have a sumo sized Christmas either way?

Here are five hints that will make this Christmas a little easier:

Christmas is about sharing your love with those closest to you and to those less fortunate.

Instead of doing a Secret Santa in your workplace and wasting $20 each on a gag, why not get together with your work mates and pitch in to buy something for those less fortunate? You will all feel great for doing it and that little amount of money will mean more to others than it will to you.

Kids love unwrapping stuff… so box up experiences.

Spending your money with local businesses on memories you can make with your children is an awesome way to get the best of both worlds. We live in a part of the world that tourists pay huge dollars to come and see and it is right here in our backyard… often with discounts for locals. Get out there and explore. Spending the time with your family is priceless and to those tour operators it will make a world of difference

The government has created economic stimulus packages (Job Keeper, Job Seeker, reduced tax rates etc) so we get out into our communities and spend the extra money.

Do it. Do not send those dollars to overseas corporations online, instead find the amazing local retailers who have some brilliant and quirky gifts for young and old! Find local. Buy local!

Avoid Zip Pay and Afterpay.

Please. These seem like a great idea because they appear to lower the burden on your hip pocket by breaking your purchase up into smaller payments but they are relying on you over-extending yourself and not being able to pay and when you can’t, they are ready to pounce. It is expensive and simply using After Pay and Zip pay will flag on your credit report and will show up when you go for a loan. It will count against you in a big way. Please avoid these. If you cannot pay for it… do not buy it.

Encourage your little ones to go through their toys prior to Christmas and find the ones that they do not play with that are still in good condition.

Donating these will make a huge difference for some kids who are not so fortunate, and it will help teach your little ones about the importance of caring for others in our community.

So, there you have it – 5 Sumo-sized tips to make your Christmas a ho ho-whole lot healthier on the hip-pocket and help fill your family’s hearts!


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