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They tell us we can’t turn back the clock, but when it comes to your skincare- there is some hope!

I’ve always been an advocate for good skincare, and for using anti-aging products in order to help me ‘stay fresh’ for as long as possible. However, as a woman, now in her late-30’s, the challenge to ‘stay fresh’ has definitely increased, so too has my desire to look at additional products to help.

Enter Evidence SkinCare’s Hydroxy Overnight Mask.  E.S.K have harnessed the power of soothing aloe vera in this Salicylic Acid-based exfoliating and hydrating leave-on night mask, for acne-prone, oily, sun-damaged or sensitive skin – I got the skin lottery and have all four ?. So, let’s just say- the mask had its work cut out for it.

What does the product do? The Hydroxy Overnight Mask will help shed those tired old skin cells while you sleep and feed that healthy new skin, hiding underneath.

Even after the first use, I felt and saw the difference in the morning.

Firstly, I love that literally it’s the only thing you put on your skin after cleansing at night… 2 steps to healthier skin – I am in! – my life is complicated enough.

Secondly, I love how the product feels on my skin- it’s so lightweight and it slides on your skin so smoothly – kinda like satin pj’s for your face!

In the morning, simply conduct your usual morning routine, (cleanse, moisturise etc) and then NOTICE how dewy your skin looks. It’s an easy and skin-changing addition to your current night time routine. You only need to use it once or twice a week and – it will breathe new life into your skin. The countless 5 star reviews – can’t be wrong.

What I loved most about it though, was I didn’t need to scrub my skin. The product did the job gently overnight to remove the old skin cells, so I didn’t do any more damage to my skin through the scrubbing process.  Sometimes, less – truly is more, when it comes to doing the right thing for your skin.

Another bonus to this product is its help keeping acne in check.  It’s funny how as teens we all thought pimples would resolve when we were adults… *cough* “sure”.  This is a great product you can use as a mask or as a spot treatment for breakouts.

When your body and mind are tired, you take a break to come back refreshed. This of this product as a holiday in a tube for your skin – it’s definitely worth a try and a solid investment.

Thanks to E.S.K – I am feeling as young as the skin I am in… so I’m giving myself a 31 tops ?

After experiencing the product for myself, I wanted to find out more and had the opportunity to conduct a Q & A with one of the skin-wizards behind E.S.K, Dr. Ginni Mansberg, co-founder, to find out a little more about the product and skincare in general.


What inspired you to launch ESK and specifically use ingredients supported by evidence?

It was actually doing segments on (Channel 7’s breakfast TV show) Sunrise on what really works on antiaging skincare. I could look at the studies and talk with confidence about what to look for in an evidence-based product. But when I went to look for a product that had the ingredients supported by the evidence, I struggled to find any. I was in my 40s then and it was getting really personal! My skin has ALWAYS been TERRIBLE and age wasn’t making it any better. My husband said I should just make my own … so we did!


What are the significant changes/challenges our skin goes through during life (teen, pregnancy, breastfeeding, ageing etc.)?

 During your teen years, there is an increase in sebum (oil) production due to a higher level of the male hormone, testosterone. That can turbo charge in acne for many of us, but it tends to settle down for most people in our 20s.

Pregnancy sees the main female hormones- oestrogen and progesterone increase. So do a raft of other hormones. One is testosterone. In some women the levels of testosterone are cancelled out by the oestrogen, in others (especially women prone to acne before pregnancy), the testosterone levels eclipse the oestrogen levels resulting in pregnancy acne!  After pregnancy, for women who breastfeed, oestrogen and progesterone levels flatline. That can see skin dry out and become more sensitive. That’s because oestrogen in particular prevents trans-epidermal water loss and thickens the basal skin layers.

Once breastfeeding slows down or finishes, your regular cycles resume and your skin should return to normal. But during perimenopause, androgen levels start to increase relative to oestrogen levels that are starting to taper down in preparation for menopause proper. Once again you can get acne breakout! This coincides with peak time for new rosacea skin so your skin can look like a bit of a mess. Menopause sees your oestrogen and progesterone levels peter out altogether. Once again, your skin gets thinner, drier and less luminous- in need of intensive care! On top of that, aging and sun-induced premature aging sees our skin getting thinner, drier, often pigmented, less elastic and wrinkled!


How to do we adjust our skincare regimens to suit these challenges? 

 Not only do you need to adjust your skin care to the stage of life you’re in but also to your personal circumstances. Not everyone gets acne, not everyone has sensitive skin. Not all of us worry about reacting to products. If acne is a concern, you’d want to avoid comedogenic products- which tend to be oil based. Unfortunately, evidence-based Vitamin C has to be oil based so you need to avoid this if you’re breaking out. If dryness is an issue you will need extra occlusives in your moisturizer. If your skin is sensitive, you might need to avoid Alpha Hydroxy Acids. In my case, I am a perimenopausal woman with sensitive skin, prone to acne, now with rosacea and prone to pigmentation! What stage do you call that? Rather than being too rigid on stage of life, I’d tailor your skincare more personally which is why we created our Quiz.


What is the most important thing to remember about great skincare?

Great skincare means different things for different people. For some it’s about amazing packaging, a fabulous smell, a great feel as it goes on or using the same skin as your favourite influencer or celebrity.

For me it’s about changing the architecture of my skin. Addressing the myriad issues my skin faces using evidence resulting in more confidence. I look back at photos of me at age 35. I was younger, thinner and better dressed. But my skin was terrible and I needed mountains of makeup to hide it. Today at 52, my skin looks better- and younger than it did then and I don’t wear any makeup at all unless I’m on TV. Focusing on science for my skin has been a game changer for me and I wish the same for every man and woman out there!

You can get the product and more here.



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