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Let your mind go into autopilot!

The “My Daily Task” Board or as we like to call it in our house ‘The Nag Board,’ is a magnetic white board that you create your own magnets for with your family’s daily tasks. 


You can put everything on there that you usually ask (or nag) your family about day and night. Everything from “put your shoes on”, to “clean your teeth” and “feed your pets”. Simply create a magnet (chop up old magnets and relabel them with the tasks), then divvy your whiteboard into two columns WHAT and DONE, then halve the board so it has morning and afternoon. The family member simply moves the task over to “done” when they have completed the board for the day. Then you only have to nag them to “do the board” and you can see at a glance who has done what, and less things get forgotten! Simply reset the board once they go to bed for the next day.