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Pantomimes have been a long-standing British tradition, but this winter Going Live TV is giving Aussie kids and audiences the chance to experience it – from the comfort of their homes or classrooms. The world’s first interactive virtual pantomime, Cinderella Live will be sure to delight and engage audiences with its vibrant sets, flamboyant characters and audience interaction.

While British kids are extremely familiar with pantomime, most Aussie kids haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy the classic exaggerated role-reversal and over-the-top characters synonymous with this unique theatre experience. Unlike traditional theatre, pantomime invites the audience to call out to the actors on stage. With Cinderella Live, children can use interactive sound effect buttons to boo, cheer, clap, and even shout “he’s behind you!” alongside the characters on screen as the classic fairy-tale unfolds – with a twist!

Lianne Collinson, Co-Founder and Executive Producer of Going Live TV said, “After the huge success of launching Cinderella Live to children and families in the UK, we’re delighted to bring our production down under and give Aussie families an enchanted Christmas in July to remember. British audiences loved our unique pantomime experience, so we’re excited for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere to be able to share a live performance like no other without having to leave their favourite armchair.”

Cinderella Live also has an all-star cast, including Chris Rankin, who you may know as Percy Weasley from the Harry Potter films! In Cinderella Live, he plays the Fairy Godfather – guiding Cinderella through her troubles. You don’t want to miss it.

The magic can be streamed straight into your living room in one of their performances running from July 23 – 25. Lianne invites everyone to “join this amazing live show, with fancy dress competitions and live interactions with the cast for the ultimate pantomime experience. Enjoy the traditional story of Cinderella with added comedy, uplifting messages of community and sing alongs.”

Get your tickets here for only $29.97 per device. Please note this production is best suited to children up to 12 years of age.

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