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The summer holidays are a wonderful time of year! It’s an opportunity for family and friends to relax, have fun, and enjoy the festive season after another busy year. However, as the school holidays progress, it may require a little extra imagination to keep your kids active and away from screens. Here are five clever ways to get your kids off the couch, and enjoying the best that summertime has to offer these school holidays:

1. Visit a museum or library

Australians are fortunate to enjoy world-class public infrastructure, that’s available for all of us to enjoy. This includes a wide range of free-of-charge museums, art exhibitions and public libraries. Although once reserved as a space for adults, the majority of these public facilities now have dedicated kids’ areas filled with exciting activities and interactive exhibitions.

In fact, many public spaces run special programs during the school holidays that are especially for kids and families! A day trip to one of these educational spaces can also be an excellent way to keep your child’s mind active over the holidays, and may even inspire a new dimension to their learning. Check out the Cairns Museum in Cairns, Museum of Tropical Queensland in Townsville or Mackay Museum in Mackay.

2. Grow your garden

Creating and maintaining a garden can be an engaging way to get your kids outside and in touch with nature – best of all, you don’t even need to leave your own backyard! Cultivating and growing plants can open your child’s eyes to the marvels of nature, and provides a valuable lesson about where our fruits and vegetables come from.

Gardening also provides an opportunity for children to take responsibility and care for a living organism, whilst being proud of its progress. Although it may seem like a laidback activity, gardening can offer a rigorous source of exercise for growing bodies – especially when it comes to digging holes! Gardening is also a beneficial sensory activity for younger children learning about smell, taste and touch.

3. Splish, splash, splosh

Playing in the water on a hot summer’s day is sure to put a smile on almost any child’s face! Whether your kids are visiting a creek, swimming in a pool, playing with water guns or just mucking around with a garden hose – water play is a great way to stay active and cool.

Many local councils across offer public swimming facilities – complete with children’s’ areas, slides, playgrounds, and dedicated school holiday activities. Sun safety is a priority in the summertime, so always remember to wear sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses.

4. Invest in outdoor equipment

Having the right play equipment at home can be particularly useful for those days when you can’t leave the house! Outdoor play equipment can entertain kids for hours, while providing an overall body workout.

A great supplier of outdoor equipment is Vuly Play. Their Australian team offers a comprehensive range of equipment to meet every need and budget. Some versatile pieces of Vuly Play equipment include:

  • Trampoline – Bounce to it, with countless hours of fun and entertainment! Vuly trampolines are designed with your family’s safety as the top priority.
  • Monkey bar – Bring home your very own adventure park with monkey bars, jungle ropes, flying foxes and even gym equipment for the big kids!
  • Swing sets and cubbies – Create your own playground with swings, rings and everything in between.
  • Basketball hoops – Shooting hoops is a great way to strengthen muscles and enhance coordination, all whilst having fun.

5. Take a Hike

In Australia, we are incredibly blessed with a large network of parks and bushland. Often, we have access to hundreds of different paths, trails and hikes right at our doorstep! Hiking is a very healthy way for your kids to enjoy some exercise, and learn about the environment around us. Keep a look out for native wildlife, or marvel at Australia’s unique trees and plants. Just remember to slip, slop, slap and carry lots of water for those hot summer days!

What are your top tips for a fun and engaging summer holiday? Share your thoughts with us!


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