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The male species. They are an interesting bunch. Growing up with a big brother who was ten years older than me and a dad who had hoped I was a boy kinda meant that I’ve been raised to be a bit of a tomboy.

The thing is, most males really just age on the outside. I think they hit a certain age, stay there forever on the inside and the outside just gets older. Watching my dad age is a prime example. He is nearly 70 and still acts like he is 30 years old. As a musician he got excited the other night doing his Elvis Show and jumped off the stage down to the audience… Let’s just say his body didn’t think it was a good idea and his old man legs crumbled underneath him.

When he admires a pretty lady and tells her so, he isn’t met with the flirtatious behaviour he was used to 30 years ago. Instead, he gets “you dirty old man” looks, or worse.

My husband can’t find the energy to mow the lawn at 9am on a Saturday morning. But fishing at 4am? He somehow has the energy of a 20-year-old.

His nonno is 90 years old, still rides a pushbike and insists on doing manual labour, like unloading wheelbarrows of tiles, at the speed of a 40-year-old. It’s incredible.

I observe many males and I actually admire their ability to stay young at heart.

They seem to find energy to play with children for hours. They love getting out the Nerf guns or water pistols and running around for hours. Usually it’s the kids who end up tiring (or in tears because it gets too rough).

They will go on all the waterslides at the amusement park with their dad bods proudly on display without a care in the world.

They will drive the boat around for hours so the kids can ski, and then try to go barefoot because they did it 20 years ago and were really good at it before quickly realising they aren’t anymore…

They will release their inner child, whether they are 40 or 90, whenever they get the opportunity.

Sure, sometimes it’s creepy when an old dude pays you a compliment. But think of my poor old dad. He simply forgets he’s not in his 30s anymore. And not quite as good looking.

Sure, it’s also seriously irritating when they drop all their adult duties to go fishing, play golf, or do any of the other sports they have been able to keep up since having kids.

Sure, it’s also frustrating when they are having heaps of fun with the kids (and making a huge mess) whilst you are busy doing something adult-like and n-fun. Like folding laundry. And preparing to clean up their mess.

But we need to stop, take a breath, and remember that most males only age on the outside, not on the inside. And maybe, just maybe, we should take a
page out of their book sometimes and find our inner child too.

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there, and to the ones in my world – thanks for amusing me with your antics, even when you are seriously annoying.


  • Bree James

    Bree James, epitomises ‘entrepreneur’. From starting her first official business at the age of eighteen, to running one of Australia’s most successful regional publishing companies, Bree has entrepreneurial DNA in every fibre of her being. The eternal solution finder, Bree’s innate ability to seize opportunity and fill market gaps has attributed to her huge success in the business world. But she’s more than just the driving force behind her own enterprises. Working with organisations around the country, Bree is also an acclaimed presenter, author, podcaster, travel writer, YouTuber, performer, and an inspirational mentor to small business owners everywhere. Her philosophy in life is to be brave, be bold and be brilliant.