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The Importance of STEAM Careers 

Think about how far technology has come since you were a child, and now consider where it’s going. There’s no way to 100 per cent know the kinds of careers that will exist when our kids are grown based on the rate of change we are experiencing. In fact, the World Economic Forum has estimated that 65 per cent of children entering school will work in a job that doesn’t even exist today!

With technology at the forefront of these advancements, STEAM Careers are the careers of the future. But STEAM processes themselves help prepare children for this unknown future by providing the skills they’ll need to adapt and thrive in an age of new employment possibilities. The future job market will require employees who are flexible, innovative, creative thinkers and collaborators who communicate effectively. Skills that are the foundation for a STEAM Education. One way to prepare students for future 21st Century STEAM careers is to explore current opportunities, because they are the base for what will come as they emerge and evolve.

Some of These Careers Include:

Mechanical & Civil Engineer, Architect, Website or App Designer, Urban Planner, Biomedical Engineer, Product Designer, Animator, Forensic Psychologist, Sound Engineer, Video Game Designer, Astrophysicist, Graphic Designer, Broadcast Technicians, Fashion Designer, Photographer, Pilot, Astronaut and Archaeologist.

Future STEAM Careers 

Whilst the future is unknown, here are a few ‘future STEAM careers’ that are being predicted based on current trends:

Green Power Creators – discovering new ways to harness sustainable and renewable energy sources.

Drone Technicians – the drone industry is still young, but has so much potential. This includes using them to repair telecommunication lines and deliver items to your home. The drones will need people to maintain, design and pilot them.

3D Printing Engineers – 3D Printing has already impacted the fabrication, medical, food and construction industries. There is still so much growth in its application possible.

Data Managers – With so much data already stored on our virtual clouds, and people needing to store more day by day, the need to manage and keep that information safe is paramount.

Speaking of safety, there will be a greater need for Digital Law Enforcement to monitor for fraud and cyber-crimes.

Streamcasters – We’re already experiencing new ways to consume media with all the streaming services available. This will only continue to evolve and more digital personalities will be born. They’ll be producing and creating content for their unique audience.

Smart Homes Designers – Smart homes are being built right now, but it is a very new concept. People predict that in the future they will become the ‘new normal’. We will need people to create homes that are environmentally friendly and built with the latest integrated technologies.

Thanks to the Jetsons we all imagined we’d be driving around in flying cars when we were younger. But who says this isn’t still on the horizon? Not only will we need people to design these cars, but we also need to think about air and road traffic management that they will alter as a result.

Do any of these future careers appeal to you? There’s plenty of others predicted too. If you go online and search for ‘future careers’,  what pops up will surprise you, as well as what our future could potentially hold for us and our children.


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