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Can’t find the perfect gift for Mum this Mother’s Day? Why not get crafty and make her a DIY gift instead! Check out below our super easy craft gifts that mum will love.

Hand-Print Flowers

What You Need 

Popsicle sticks

Green paint


Craft glue

Coloured paper or cardboard




Paint your popsicle sticks using the green paint and paint brush. They will be the stems of your flowers. Set aside to dry. 

Place your hand on the sheet of paper or cardboard you are going to use as the flower. Spread out your fingers and trace around your hand with the pencil. Repeat this on the same sheet or different coloured sheets of paper to create your flowers for the bouquet. If there are multiple children in the family, get all the children to trace their hands and make a collective bunch from all of the kids. 

To create your leaves, draw a leaf template, cut it out and trace around it multiple times on the green paper. Cut all of your leaves out. 

Glue your flowers and leaves to the stems (popsicle sticks). Once the glue has dried you can place your flowers in a vase you have decorated (old jar) or wrap them in paper (as shown).

Bean Mosaic Art

What You Need 

Dried beans (eg. black eyed peas, kidney beans, corn kernels)

Craft glue

Acrylic paint


Paper plates

Pen or pencil


Take your paper plate and using your pencil or pen, draw out a design you would like to make. 

The creation process will happen in stages, as the glue will dry if you put it all on there at once. Choose a section of your design to start with and fill it using the craft glue. Choose the bean or kernel you want to fill the glued section with and arrange them as you would like. 

Let each section dry completely, before you move onto the next. It is good to have another plate design you are working on at the same time so you can go back and forth between them. 

Once the glue is dry, paint the beans in the colour of your choice. Apply a second coat if you feel it needs it. Repeat all the steps above until your design is complete. 

Fingerprint Glass Magnets 

What You Need 

Artist paper

Fine tip marker pen

Non-toxic ink pad

Large clear glass stones

(4 – 5 cm wide) often called ‘cabochons’


Clear drying glue (we like Mod Podge)

Foam brush

Ceramic magnets (2 ½ – 3 cm wide)


Using your ink pads and artists paper, help your child create a finger or thumbprint design. You can use a single fingerprint or multiple fingerprints to create an animal, heart or a flower (like you see pictured). Add the details to your design with your fine tip marker. 

To help keep your design to the size of your glass stone that you’ll be gluing it to, trace around your stones with pencil on the paper first. You child can use the space traced, to work in. Cut out your design. 

Once your design is dry, glue it to the back of the glass stone by placing a drop of Mod Podge in the middle back of the stone and then pressing the stone onto your paper design. You are aiming for the glue to go all the way to the edges. Wipe away excess glue with a damp cloth. Allow to dry overnight. 

The next day, paint over the back of the paper design with your foam brush and Mod Podge to seal it. Place a magnet on the back. Allow to dry overnight before use.

Hand-Print Cactus Card 

What You Need 

Cardboard (green, pink, dark pink)

Craft glue

Fine black marker


Flower stickers or other flower decorations


To make your card, simply fold your green carboard in half. Place your child’s left hand on the card, with the pinky lined up along the fold line. Trace around your child’s hand. Cut the handprint out, leaving the left side connected along the fold line. 

With your black marker pen, draw spines on the cactus, so it looks prickly.

Create the pot for the cactus by drawing a half oval shape. It needs to be slightly wider than your cactus. Cut the shape out. Create the water tray for your pot, by cutting out a small rounded bowl- shaped sliver on the dark pink paper, as seen in the image. 

Glue the ‘water tray’ to the bottom of the ‘pot’, then glue the ‘pot’ to the bottom of your cactus. The ‘pot’ is glued on top of the cactus. 

Attach your flower stickers or other flower decorations over the cactus, like you see pictured.

Once the card is dried, write a special Mother’s Day message to your Mum. 


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