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We all love music. Many of us, children and adults, love LEGO. So, what happens when you combine the two? LEGO and Universal Music’s new LEGO VIDIYO app!

The recently released LEGO VIDIYO app allows children to become music producers all on their own. The app is essentially a kid’s version of a music video maker, letting kids experiment with music production from an early age and create both their own beat and video to go with it. LEGO and Universal Music Group have designed it to help our little ones unleash their passion for music or simply play around for fun. Children can remix songs, style their own band members of minifigures, produce music videos, design album covers, bring LEGO friends to life with AR technology, and so much more.


LEGO VIDIYO isn’t just a fun app – it has many benefits to your child’s development.  As your child explores their musical creativity, they are developing creative skills and creative confidence. By combining LEGO, a beloved company, with the technology to create music and more, the app is likely to be popular and allow more and more children to develop their confidence, problem solving and musical ability. Additionally, the app demonstrates the behind-the-scenes skillsets required for making music for any children interested in the field.

Music itself has many benefits, including managing emotions (regulating), providing comfort, reducing stress levels and improving memory and mood (link).

Here are some statistics from LEGO and Universal Music Group:

  • 89 percent of parents say music helps build creative skills, while 83 percent say it helps build confidence.
  • 74 percent of children aged 5 – 12 say music helps them connect with friends. Over half of children aged 6 – 10 confirmed they listen to music every day.
  • 76 percent of both parents and children ages 5 – 12 believe music helps them express who they are.
  • 81 percent of parents say music brings families together and helps them bond with their kids.
  • 76 percent of parents say that they would be happier to let their child play with digital games if they also involved more physical play
  • 92 percent of parents consider LEGO play as a fun activity for the whole family with 95 percent of kids agreeing to this

Where to Get LEGO VIDIYO

You can download the LEGO VIDIYO app from both Google Play and the App Store. It requires verified parental consent and moderation if all content that children submit, making it safe. You can learn more about the terms and conditions on the LEGO website.

LEGO VIDIYO infographic


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