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What You Need

Small wooden spoons
Black paper
White paper
Googly eyes
Craft glue
Paint and paintbrush


Paint the backs and sides of the wooden spoons with your chosen colour/s and let dry.

To make the bat’s wings, fold a black piece of paper in half, draw a single bat wing against the folded edge, and cut it out. Repeat this process till you have enough wings for the spoons.

Now, make the bat ears by cutting out small triangles from the black paper. Then repeat with white paper to make the fangs.

Once the spoons are dry, glue these and the eyes on as shown in the picture.

Now grab your wings and add some glue down the middle where the paper was originally folded and stick the spoon on to make the bat’s body. Gently fold the wings up over the spoon to give them some shape and there you have it, Spoon Bat decorations for your Halloween celebrations.

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