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Serves 4


300g Bowtie Pasta

2 Avocadoes

4 Cups spinach

1 Cup green peas

Any balsamic and/or vinaigrette dressing can be used.

You can find homemade dressing recipes here and here.


Pre-cook peas and pasta as recommended then put both to the side.

Place spinach evenly in bowls. Separate sliced salmon into pieces and place on spinach.

Cut avocados in half, then remove the seed and use a spoon to scoop out the insides. Chop the avocados into slices. Cut the lime into slices as well, and place both fruits in the salads (two slices of lime per plate).

Spoon the pasta and peas into the salads. Add a dash of salt and pepper on top to taste. Don’t forget to squeeze that lime over the salad too.

Lastly, drizzle each plate with the salad dressing you’ve chosen to make (or buy a dressing from the supermarket – those are delicious too!).



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