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You don’t need a license to drive this car!

Get the basic materials together and you can create a cardboard box car with your kids (or they can take control to make it, though supervision may be required if using a craft knife etc).

What You Need

Craft knife or scissors

1 cardboard box (it needs to be big enough to fit the driver!)

1 thick, black sharpie pen

Hot glue gun with glue sticks or PVA glue

1 cardboard toilet roll

A ruler

Some extra cardboard – just in case


Cut off all four pieces of the cardboard box that make up the lid, apart from one. When lifted, this will be the windshield of the car (see picture for reference).

Use the cut-offs or spare cardboard to cut out two door shapes for the car as well as four wheels. Cut two circles out for the car lights, then cut out two even smaller circles that will fit inside them. Lastly, you will need to cut out a fairly large circle for the steering wheel.

Take your black marker/sharpie and outline the edges of the lights, the doors, the wheels etc. (use the picture for reference – go around the edges). You’ll need to use a ruler to get a straight line for the insides of the wheels, the window wiper, and more. Or, you can get creative and make your own designs for the car! You could even paint the car.

Use the hot glue gun to stick all of the extra parts on the outside, into the same places as they are in the picture. Stick the toilet roll onto the ‘windshield’, facing the inside of the car. Then stick the steering wheel on the end of it. Now your kid can get to ‘driving’ their new box car!

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Young girl sits in the cardboard box car she made at home, pretending to drive and smiling


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