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How to Get the Perfect Shot: 5 Great Tips for Photography

Love photography?  Love a professional’s tips to help you ‘get the perfect shot?’ Elyse Fitzpatrick has over 10 years’ experience as a professional photographer. Here she shares 5 simple tips for photography that can help you improve the final product and capture the ‘moment’.

The Golden Hour

 This is the hour just after sunrise and before sunset. Lighting is essential when taking good photos. Not only does this time add a natural warm tint but it takes away any harsh shadows or sunlight that you get during a nice sunny day.

Watch your framing

Photographers like to work with what we call a rule of thirds. If you are taking a picture of a nice flower, try setting it to the side of the image instead of right in the middle. Don’t forget to always take a moment to look around the photo you are framing. Plus, be sure to not cut off important things like a person’s feet or a petal on a flower.

Check your surroundings

Check your background to ensure you don’t photograph something you don’t want, like a garbage bin or a well-placed branch on a tree that appears to be coming out of someone’s ear.

Don’t be afraid to be different

There are a lot of rules when it comes to photography. Some of the best photos taken are because they tried a different angle resulting in a change of light and perspective.

Be Patient!

Patience is the key to a great photo. While we can get lucky and have a butterfly land perfectly on a flower when we are all set up – it is more likely that you will have to sit and wait quietly for your chance at that perfect shot.

And the most important of all…  Always have your batteries charged!

close up, birds professional photo of Cassowary Bird with low light and strong contrast, by Elyse FitzpatrickClose up of Australian Wombat between rocks

Above: Elyse Fitzpatrick Photography 


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