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With daily laundry education, hacks, tips and stain removal advice it becomes super easy to make simple and cost-effective swaps in your laundry that will not only save you money and time, but will improve health and wellbeing.

  1. Laundry soaking

Sick and tired of filling up the laundry sink with too much water, use too much detergent and then the sink becomes a wasted space that you can’t wash your hands, rinse, use the drain, and you end up with a backlog of clothing items that need a little spot cleaning love? The answer is simple and Australian made, because life’s too short to be in the laundry!

Swap your regular laundry buckets to a water saving multitasking soaking system. The Soka Tub will save water, detergent, space, time, money and sanity!

  1. Pegs

Ever stood on a broken peg in the yard or when hanging up clothes the pegs literally disintegrate in your hands from being exposed to the elements? Once again, the answer is simple, durable and you will never need to buy pegs ever again!

Swap plastic pegs for metal pegs that will last forever. Made from a continuous piece of marine grade stainless steel, these pegs won’t heat up in the sun, super strong to hold the heaviest of items,  and are very handy around the house.  Likewise replace your plastic multihangers with a stainless steel one available from the

  1. Laundry detergent

The facts are simple. We wear clothes 24/7. We sleep on sheets, our heads on pillow cases. We are constantly breathing in the fragrances that are trapped in the fabrics that surround us. What if I was to tell you that artificial or synthetic fragrances are harmful to your health? The health risk list is long so check out my recent posts that explains it further! What do you smell as you walk down the laundry isle in your supermarket?

Swap regular detergent for one that is biodegradable, has no artificial fragrances, fillers or harsh chemicals. Stay tuned as I explore this isle further for you.

  1. Fabric softener

Want to save instant money? Forget the fabric softener and your machine will thank you! If you want soft fluffy clothes then use less detergent. Fabric softener contributes to washing machine build up and makes clothes look dull alongside the artificial fragrances they contain.

Swap fabric softener or replace it with ¼ – ½ cup white vinegar but seriously not every load needs it!

  1. Dryer

Save electricity and drying time by using dryer balls, tennis balls in a long sock or even throw in a dry towel when using the dryer. This will reduce drying time by 1/3. Also make sure the dryer is not over loaded with clothes and ensure the lint catcher is empty before use.

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  • Nicole Gibson - Soka Australia

    Soka Australia is on a mission to help make laundry easier and more sustainable for everyone. We’re passionate about sharing simple, cost-effective, eco-friendly solutions to make life easier in the laundry. And we’re committed to empowering the community with information about how to remove stains in an environmentally friendly way. At Soka Australia, we want to change that. We provide easy-to-follow stain removal tips, as well as advice on how to care for your clothes in an eco-friendly way. With our help, you can reduce your environmental impact while keeping your clothes looking great – and without breaking the bank!