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Baked by Our Family for Yours – Jackley’s Bakehouse

It is a well-known fact that Jackley’s Bakehouse is a locally owned and family run business. But, to reinforce their ethos, they adopted the tag line of ‘baked by our family for yours’ very early in their journey. “Our business is fuelled by the support of local families that have grown with us over time, a lot of our loyal clientele come back to us for every occasion knowing that we can help them celebrate” said Bec Jackley, owner of the much-loved Bakehouse.

The couple behind the brand, Dale and Bec, treat the business as an extension of their home, much like many local small business owners. “Our kids enjoy spending time in the store and even feature on a lot of our marketing, our oldest daughter, Tia (10), helps out in the shop every Saturday at 4:30 am when most of her school buddies are still fast asleep” mentioned Dale. If teaching work ethic is as ‘easy as monkey see monkey do’ Tia will be able to follow her dreams with the same ambitious approach that has built the Bakehouse to its current standing.

The couple don’t do it all on their own and contribute their success to the team they have managed to build up around them.

“We have long standing team members who we love and treat like family and in turn they have a lot of pride in our brand and what they do for Jackley’s Bakehouse”

With the help of a hard working team, Jackley’s Bakehouse have been able to keep up with demand and has grown overtime. This is as well as being able to offer additional services such as cupcake decoration classes, Kindy visits and fundraising efforts to help local sports clubs and schools. “We have been blessed with such great support over the years. We strive to give back when we can, getting out and about to schools and kindys is something we take great pride in. And, seeing the look on kids faces is so rewarding!”

With their motto of ‘everyday is a birthday,’ the team at Jackley’s plan to be around for many years to come turning birthdays and your family celebrations into memories!









Fluffy Campfire Pancakes – Next-Level Campfire Cooking

Camping is a favourite family tradition in North Queensland. No matter the season up here, it’s perfect weather to gather up the tent or clean the caravan, relocate all the camping gear and prepare for days of relaxation and fun in the great outdoors. Sometimes, what can make or break a camping trip is the food! We know how hard it can be to prepare and cook good meals when camping (we’ve been there), and as much as we love the old favourites, we also love variety. Pancakes are a traditional and much-loved breakfast meal. And, guess what? Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you can’t eat your favourite tasty foods! Try out our fluffy campfire pancakes recipe for a quick and easy start to the day. Instead of putting together the dry mix while you’re experiencing the outdoors, simply pre-mix it before you go camping. 

Store the dry ingredients in a ziplock bag, to mix with the wet ingredients whenever you decide to cook the pancakes. This recipe does require you to take butter, an egg or two and water to finish the batter and for cooking.


1 ½ cups plain flour

½ cup sugar

1/3 cup milk powder (unless you have an esky while camping to store cold items, in which case you can replace the amount of water below with milk)

4 ½ tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

½ cup – 1 cup water (depends on how thick you want the mixture)

2 eggs

Bring at least 50g butter (feel free to bring more and use it to cook every single pancake, even if the pan is non-stick, to give the pancakes extra flavour. Just know that this isn’t exactly healthy!).


Mix together all of the dry ingredients in a ziplock bag by putting them in and shaking the bag. Store away safely.

When camping, mix the wet and dry ingredients together in a bowl or bottle or whatever works best for you. Melt butter on the pan first, then cook each pancake until golden brown on both sides.

Tip: Serve with fruit such as bananas or berries for extra delicious-ness!


Read more of our camping recipes here. 





I am passionate about preventative health and believe that the love of good food can be instilled at an early age for a healthier future generation.

Healthy food choices also need to be affordable and fit in with the way people live. This is particularly important for making food decisions for children and families. One of my main goals is to ensure the eating experience is enjoyable.

Food and its Sensory Elements

The appeal of recipes is based on sensory elements, rational thinking and emotion. A sensory aspect might be colour. Would you eat blue mashed potato? Rational thinking may involve aspects such as, is it healthy or convenient or economical? Emotions come into play when we analyse our food associations. For example, do you feel a positive association to food that you see presented in a cosy cottage kitchen or on a picnic rug on a tropical beach? What do you think about the romance of a candlelit table of food?

Make it Child Friendly

As well as considering the sensory, rational and emotional aspects for a recipe, it’s also a good idea to consider recipes that a child can follow. Simple recipes are a practical tool for the whole family. You want recipes that can move from the coffee table cook book or iPad to the kitchen bench.

I will help your family turn contemplation into cooking by involving the whole family.

My in-depth knowledge of the food industry, its marketing, production, and distribution enables advice to be given on the use of processed food. I share tips on how convenience items can be incorporated into the diet in a healthy way. I also promote the use of an environmentally sustainable food supply and the use of locally produced food for families.

In the coming months I will be discussing a variety of health food topics relevant to family fun with food and assisting people to cater for their children’s nutritional needs.


Christmas is just around the corner! How did that happen? Make sure you’re prepared for the big day with our handy list of Christmas preparation work.

  1. Book your pets into accommodation early if you are going away.
  2. Make sure you have your passports and all travel arrangements up to date.
  3. Start a savings account for extra food and drink costs or purchase a $20 gift card from the grocery store during your weekly shop to save for the Christmas season.
  4. De-clutter the guest room and make space for the extra gifts.
  5. Purchase your gift wrap, cards and or make your own.
  6. Get your kids thinking about what they want to give to those for Christmas (like their teachers) rather than just receive.
  7. Freeze some cooked meals for those extra crazy days in December when you don’t have the time to cook.
  8. Make a calendar of upcoming events – Christmas pageants, school functions, work parties – and organise a babysitter for the kid-free nights.
  9. Give all the indoor and outdoor furniture a good clean, especially if you are hosting a Christmas breakfast, lunch or dinner outside.
  10. Create a Christmas gift spreadsheet so you have an idea of what kind of budget you need to stick to.

What Christmas preparation does your family do?


Sometimes a product comes into the market and you can’t help but think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” This is exactly the case with Adfresh Farms Easy Cubes, an innovative new product created by local farmers Sebastian and Cyrene Torrisi from Mareeba.

Adfresh Farms Easy Cubes make household cooking fun and easy. Using specially designed processing equipment, the Torrisi’s have created fresh herbs, spices and other cooking condiments into small mess-free, ready to use, frozen pop out cube portions.

Simply pop them into your cooking, marinades, dips, pasta’s, salad dressings and more. Adfresh Farms Easy Cubes come in garlic, basil, chilli and coriander with plans to expand the range in the future. A project five years in the making, the hard work has certainly paid off for the Torrisi family!

When it all started

“Since the launch of Easy Cubes in late 2014, we have had a great response from the local community and so much positive feedback. We have also had many travellers and campers say they have been using the Easy Cubes, when they head out on their adventures.”

Perhaps the best thing about these innovative little cubes is that they are grown in our own backyard, on a family-owned fruit and veggie farm 60km outside of Cairns in Mareeba.

“It all began when Cyrene struggled to find Australian garlic in the supermarkets. So she asked me to grow our own garlic here on our farm,” Sebastian tells PakMag. “So I did, and a bumper crop it was.”

“Faced with over supply of fresh garlic for ourselves, we decided to peal the garlic, put in the food processor, then poured the pureed garlic into an ice cube container. Once the cubes were frozen we emptied the container into a zip lock bag which was placed back into the freezer. So any time Cyrene needed garlic she would simply pop a frozen cube into her cooking. It was so easy!”

And from there, the idea for Easy Cubes was born. “We thought we could do this to all our herbs we grew on the farm and would make cooking time so much easier. No more pealing, chopping or herbs going off in your fridge.”

What makes it different

“Our product has further benefits compared to other herb products on the market as we use freezing to preserve,” the Torrisi’s tell us. “We are able to process the fresh herbs within two hours from harvest, maintaining the highest quality and freshness.”

“This allows us to produce a 100 per cent natural product packed with flavour which will lock in the fresh flavour for up to two years in your freezer.”

Easy Cubes are sold in Coles Supermarkets across Cairns and the Tablelands, Atherton Supa IGA, Cairns Bulk Meats, Jonssons Farm Market, Pease Street Discount Drug store and now Piccones Supa IGA Edmonton and Manoora.

If you’re constantly throwing out herbs after they go off, are tired of spending a fortune on spices and are sick of your kids complaining about your cooking being “boring” (I know I’m not the only one, right?) then Easy Cubes hold the answer.

Once you try them, you will realise just how easy it is to add flavour, freshness and fun into your cooking.