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What is ‘Service Learning’ and Why is it Important?

Within the word ‘brother’ is ‘other’. At Ignatius Park College, the concept of Brotherhood encompasses the students. It is also extended to the wider community with service learning.

In service learning, students are challenged to expand their educational opportunities through tackling real-life problems in their community. Service learning provides students with meaningful experiences. Overall, it is a core aspect of schooling at Ignatius Park College. Service learning provides students with the ability to think globally and act locally. Plus, it also has a positive impact on the growth and development of the whole person. At Iggy Park, the school aims to use service learning to help develop responsible young men with a highly developed sense of social justice.

Recently, students at Ignatius Park College have raised much needed funds for the Townsville Drop In Centre. To assist the students in understanding why they are raising these funds, we offer them a homeless experience. For this, they spent one night ‘sleeping rough’ at school, eating only soup and sleeping on a hard floor. In fact, they get none of the usual comforts of their bedrooms.

Mr Patrick McMahon, the College’s Identity and Mission Coordinator for Faith in Service, explains: “The boys experience some of the challenges that homeless people may go through each day. Although it is only for one night, we hope that the students can garner an understanding for people who are homeless or vulnerable in our society and the challenges they face on a daily basis.”

Additionally, each House at the College supports its own charity throughout the year. They do this through a range of activities and events to raise funds and awareness.

Iggy Park offers students a wide range of activities as part of service learning, including:

  • Reading with students from Holy Spirit School
  • Visiting and engaging with elderly residents at Brooklea Lifestyle Village
  • Townsville to Cairns Bike Ride to raise money and awareness for childhood cancer
  • Participating in the World’s Greatest Shave (raising over $27,000 this year)
  • Hit the Hill to raise awareness for Mental Health
  • Spending time playing games, making new friends and fostering right relationships at Townsville Community Learning Centre
  • Act as full-time carers for special needs children at a three day SONY Camp
  • The Senior students can formally guide the younger students as Peer mentors
  • Reef Guardians
  • Best Foot Forward – liberating the lives of women and girls through education

Overall, service learning is a vital part of educating the whole person. The ethos of serving others is a guiding principle of an education at Ignatius Park College.


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100 Days of Prep – Townsville Grammar School

With great anticipation and excitement, children at Townsville Grammar School’s two Junior School Campuses marked a significant milestone on Monday, 27 July – 100 days of Prep.

Townsville Grammar School Principal, Mr Timothy Kelly, said this year, more than ever, it has been vital to celebrate and recognise this learning milestone.

“This has certainly been a different and challenging year for students everywhere, however for our Prep students, this has been their introduction to school life, so it was very important to recognise this milestone,” said Mr Kelly.

Prep students from the Annandale Campus even travelled to the North Shore Campus for the celebrations. In fact, the children came to school dressed as “100 year-olds” and engaged in games and activities centring on the number 100.

“Our Prep teaching teams have done an exceptional job this year in keeping their students focussed and excited about learning, despite the disruptions caused by Covid-19. We had a great day celebrating with our youngest Grammarians as they achieved this milestone with such enthusiasm!”

Townsville Grammar School’s Prep Program Offers:

Teaching Teams:

  • Early childhood trained Teachers
  • Full-time Teacher Aides in each Prep classroom
  • Specialist Teachers for Music, Library, Performing Arts, Sport and Languages

Learning Environments:

  • Foundation for the Grammar approach to learning
  • Optimised class sizes
  • Inspiring classrooms filled with colour, texture and themed areas
  • Dedicated Prep playgrounds and gardens

Specialist Programs:

  • Music Program
  • Sports and Swimming Program

Pastorol Care

  • Personal development through the ‘Positive Education’ pastoral care program
  • Transition to Year 1 Program (Semester 2 focused)
  • Upper School Buddy Program

Convenience For Families

  • Two Campus locations – Annandale and North Shore
  • TGS Bus service linking the three Campuses

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My Child Is Struggling with Reading, Could She Have Dyslexia?

Yolanda van der Kruk – Registered Psychologist and Neurodevelopmental Consultant – Townsville Paediatrics

Dear Yolanda, My child is really struggling learning to read, could she have dyslexia?

Dyslexia can be very frustrating for a child that is learning to read. It is not only a reading difficulty but a spelling, phonics and comprehension struggle, resulting in lack of reading and writing fluency and accuracy. Although common among early readers, persistence can be the sign of it. The good news is with the proper help and skills, a child can learn ways to help manage these. If you have concerns regarding your child, a full educational and psychometric assessment can identify a range of learning problems, including dyslexia. It can also provide you with detailed information on your child’s learning strengths and weaknesses profile.

4427 5817 


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Why Every Parent Should Consider a Steiner Education

Every Parent Should Consider a Steiner Education. In general, a Steiner student is confident, has a deep respect for the natural world and is a problem solver. They also have empathy towards others and are self-directed. They look forward to blazing their own path trusting in their abilities and talents.

The rate of change in today’s society is rapid and our children’s future is uncertain. Because of this, today’s students need to be setup for success to solve tomorrow’s challenges. Fortunately, a Steiner education is made for modern times.

What is Steiner Education?

We base the Steiner education on building human capacities, with over 100 years of evidence-based research and findings. The overall goal is to awaken the innate human capacities and passions in each student. In turn, these will support them to become balanced, responsible, innovative and self-aware citizens.

Additionally at Cairns Hinterland Steiner School, we offer the broad and integrated curriculum that fosters a passion for learning, critical thinking, creativity, connectedness and positivity. The curriculum is both progressive and holistic. Along with this, we make sure to account for the needs of the whole child – academic, physical, emotional and spiritual. This is also known as the head, heart and hands – which meets each child at their developmental phase to optimise learning. Plus we are interested not only in their learning but also their wellbeing.

At Cairns Hinterland Steiner School, Students Experience:

  • A strong bond between teacher and student
  • A learning environment nestled in World Heritage rainforest
  • Beautiful indoor and outdoor learning spaces
  • Small class sizes and excellent support services
  • All classwork and materials provided

We welcome parents and carers. They are an active part of the community.

Steiner classroom in progress

Experience Our School

Our Annual Spring Fair will take place on Saturday 12 September 2020, from 10.00am – 2.00pm. 

The day will include musical performances from our students featuring our string soloists, ensembles and choral performances, delicious food stalls, and games and activities for the children.

The school also showcases our student’s schoolwork from throughout the year. This includes displays from early childhood, primary and high school, which will demonstrate how the Steiner principles of ‘head, heart and hands’ manifests in students’ academic and holistic development. Overall, the creative, artistic and aesthetic approach to all school work will become immediately apparent as you enter our School Hall and see the displays from across the class years.

The Spring Fair is a wonderful time to visit Cairns Hinterland Steiner School. It’s the best time to take a look at the school community that you and your family can be a part of. Visit our Facebook page to keep up to date about this event.




Should I be Concerned About My Child’s Handwriting?

 Helping Hands Hand, Wrist & Arm Clinic

Dear Juliet, Should I be concerned about my child’s handwriting?

Handwriting remains an important lifelong skill even in this technological world and it develops in early childhood. If a teacher or you are concerned, then early intervention is the best solution. In general, poor handwriting legibility, fatiguing quickly or not keeping up with the class can indicate a problem.

Overall, the most common problems identified are poor pencil grasp, inconsistent letter formation, sizing, letter reversals, mixed capital/lower case, too light or heavy pencil pressure. Additionally, not writing in a straight line or hand pain during or after writing also indicate a problem. 

If your child consistently demonstrates any of the above problems, they may benefit from handwriting remediation. If you’re concerned, contact the Helping Hands Clinic today. 

Call the team at Helping Hands on 4755 2337






Experience a Grammar Education

A Grammar education is an experience designed to open young minds to discovery and learning, as well as providing a rich environment for personal development. Children as young as four years of age can begin their learning journey at Townsville Grammar School and start receiving the benefits of a Grammar education.

There are a number of upcoming opportunities for families to visit, experience and learn more about Townsville Grammar School for Pre-Prep to Year 6.

Principal’s Open Mornings

Open mornings mean you can meet the Principal and Head of Junior School. You can also explore the Campuses and enjoy morning tea.

  • Annandale Campus – Wednesday, 12 August (9.00 – 11.00am)
  • North Shore Campus – Friday, 14 August (9.00 – 11.00am)

Junior School Experience Day (Prep – Year 6)

This is a great opportunity for your child to join in a class for a day and experience life at Townsville Grammar School.

  • Thursday, 27 August (8.30am – 3.00pm)
  • Annandale and North Shore Campuses

Prep Info Night

Prep Info Night lets you find out more about the Townsville Grammar School Prep Program. You can meet the teaching teams personally and explore the Prep Precincts.

  • Annandale Campus – Wednesday, 19 August (9.00 – 11.00am)
  • North Shore Campus – Thursday 20 August (9.00 – 11.00am)

Pre-Prep Info Night

Here you can find out more about the Townsville Grammar School’s Pre-Prep Program, meet the teaching teams and explore the Early Education Centres.

  • Annandale Campus – Tuesday, 1 September (6:00 – 7:00pm)
  • North Shore Campus – Wednesday, 2 September (6:00 – 7:00pm)

Townsville Grammar School has an enduring reputation as the academic leader in North Queensland, delivering consistently high academic outcomes from Prep to Year 12.

The Prep Program

  • Full-time Teacher Aides in each classroom
  • Optimised class sizes
  • Specialist lessons with specialist teachers
  • IT-enabled classrooms
  • Dedicated Prep precincts
  • Swimming program
  • Sports program
  • Music program
  • ‘Positive Education’ pastoral care program
  • Pre-Prep to Year 12 school culture
  • Transition to Year 1 program


Visit their website to rsvp and to find out more.



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