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Sometimes as an adult, you think there is no time in the world. You barely have enough time to cook dinner before your brain explodes, so there’s no way you could fit in exercising too… certainly not? There are many reasons to keep exercising as an adult, though!

But you can! Exercise is so important to ensure your body stays intact so you must find time to put aside for exercise in your schedule. In an ideal situation, one hour a day would be recommended, but due to the stress of family and busy schedules this can’t always happen. Whether it be going for a run or walking the dog, try to find an hour every few days to do some physical activity. This is why you should.

1. Increases happiness

When you exercise, your body realises endorphins which triggers positive feelings. These positive feelings can help improve your mood throughout the day and there have been links showing exercise can relieve some signs of depression.

2. Helps bones and muscles

As you age, muscles and bones start to lose strength so it is important to continue to strengthen them. Through exercise, they increase in function which helps to ensure no injuries are developed through ageing.

3. Reduces stress

Ever just want to get rid of the stresses of work or forget the bad day that just passed? Well exercise helps to do this while keeping fit. Regular exercise helps relieve stress by helping the body to relax and be calm.

4. Reduce chronic disease risk

Lack of exercise and physical active is one of the leading causes of chronic disease so therefore completing physical activity regularly eliminates this factor.

5. Boosts productivity

Exercise helps increase brain function throughout the day by having higher blood flow to the brain, keeping it more alert and active. A the brain is more alert this helps boost daily productivity, whether this be at work or at home.  

6. Improves sleep quality

Ever feel like you can’t sleep due to stress of nerves? Well exercise helps decrease this, making it easier for you to fall asleep at night and helps let you have a good nights sleep.

7. Forms new friendships

Whether it be a lifelong friendship or a new acquaintance, exercising helps you socialise. Friends can be made through exercise by finding a gym buddy, joining a sports club or just saying hey to new people as your walk your dog. All of these basic interactions can help improve your day, or the other persons.

8. Improves memory

As exercising helps to keep the brain active, this helps keep the part of the brain involved in memory more alert. Can’t remember what time your meant to pick the kids up from their mates, well now you can!

9. Eating habits improve

Having a good exercise habit can help motivate you to eat better too. Eating a well rounded diet helps your body to get the most out of exercising.

10. Increases Lifespan

Whether it be moderate of heavy regular exercise, both helps to increase your lifespan. No matter your age or fitness level when you begin regular exercise, every bit helps.



Road trips mean sitting in the car for long periods of time, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. The best way to keep tempers from rising is by keeping the little people in the backseat occupied.

Here are some games that can be played anywhere and anytime, with no need for any money spent on additional equipment.

1. The Alphabet Game

A group game that’s great for kids who know their ABC’s.

How to Play:

  • Player 1 looks around to find something visible that starts with the letter ‘A’.
  • Player 2 then searches for something else visible, that begins with the letter ‘B’.
  • This continues until you have gone through the entire alphabet.
  • For extremely tricky letters like ‘Q’ and ‘Z’, you could use the license plates on passing cars that contain the needed letters.

2. I-Spy

This is a fairly simple game that could be played anywhere.

How to Play:

  • Decide if your spy the objects colour or the first letter of its name.
  • Pick the first ‘spy’
  • The ‘spy’ picks the object, and says the traditional “I spy with my little eye… something colour or beginning with the first letter of the objects name.”
  • Each of the players take turns in guessing at the ‘spy’s’ chosen object.
  • The first player to guess the object becomes the next ‘spy’, and the process repeats.Rock, Paper, Scissors

3. The Name Game

This is an amazing game for kids who have learned to read and can spell an assortment of different words. The difficulty of this game is dependant on the chosen category, time limit and the amounts of repeat each item said has.

How to Play:

  • Decide on the category (e.g. animals, cities, food, TV shows, etc). The time limit for each person to answer and the amount of times that an item can be repeated, if at all.
  • Player 1 says an item that belongs in the previously specified category.
  • Player 2 must then come up with a different item that fits in the same category, and starts with the last letter of the previous word.
  • This repeats for as long as you can come up with words that fit in the guidelines that you decided at the start of the game.

4. Who Am I?

This game requires some general knowledge and some deductive reasoning. The difficulty of this game depends on the chosen category.

How to Play:

  • Chose a category (e.g. celebrities, fictional characters, athletes, etc).
  • Player 1 picks a person from the agreed upon category. After they decide, they ask “Who am I?”
  • Other players take turns asking yes- or- no questions to narrow options. Player 1 will probably have to remind the other players to stick to yes-or-no questions.
  • Encourage the younger kids to ask good questions, to narrow down the option before guessing.


Ann Roberts School of Dance

Ann Roberts School of Dance opens the doors to the wide world of dance, providing each student with strong technical and performance skills as well as helping to enhance their personal development. Students can learn classical ballet, character, tap, jazz, contemporary, highland, song and dance, hip hop and fitness. All ages are catered for, from tiny tots right through to adults.

Teeny Tots – Mums (or a family member) and their toddlers get together to explore movement and music while connecting with each other. A great, light-hearted introduction to the dance environment.

Tiny Tots – For three- and four-year olds, this class encourages musicality, coordination and locomotion skills. Classes are structured to keep their attention, encourage them to explore movement patterns and have fun.

A 8-10 Fletcher St, Townsville
P 4771 3385
Fb Ann Roberts School of Dance

King Konz School of Music

King Konz School of Music’s unique programs give your child an experience that will inspire and enrich their passion and love for music.

From Baby Chimps to Rockstar Chimps, classes introduce children to learn through play. Engage their senses through gentle movement and engagement with other children while their brain actively begins the journey of music, song and dance. Each session will include activities that involve singing, dancing, percussion and fun music games!

The emphasis is on having lots of fun! Join us on a Musical Journey that will leave you smiling from ear to ear and with a feeling that only music can bring.

A 28 Hamilton Street, Level 2, Townsville City
P 0439 706 579
E info@kingkonzmusic.com
Fb King Konz School of Music

Wildcatz Indoor Sports

Wildcatz Indoor Sports is the perfect fully-airconditioned place to have fun, exercise, and meet new friends. They offer a variety of junior sports such as cricket, netball and soccer, as well as a range of levels, from social through to competitions. Nominate a team with your friends, or let the friendly staff find a suitable team for you. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Under 8’s play for FREE in the Rugrats soccer program.

Mum and dad can sit back at the café and enjoy a coffee while their little one plays.

A 18 Black Hawk Boulevard, Thuringowa Central
P 4723 1414
Fb Wildcatz Indoor Sports (Official)

Paul Sadler Swimland

Swim classes from four months of age.

A Swim Australia five-star accredited, private swim school where they ensure that every child learns the skills needed to swim confidently, to enjoy the water, and to feel relaxed in a safe environment. Lessons at Swimland are fun for all.

Swordy Tots – Baby, infant and toddler swimming from four months old.

Learn to Swim – For children aged over three years.

If you are looking for great value, then check out their unlimited make up policy for missed regular classes (for current customers) plus their new defence discount.

Bookings are essential.

For more information check out their website or give them a call.

P 4779 4647
A 20-22 Freshwater Dr, Douglas

Full Throttle Theatre Company

Full Throttle Theatre Company’s Props Youth Theatre is for performers aged five to 17 years. Some of the activities and initiatives include theatrical productions, kids in the city, play reading nights, audition preparations, social events, and day care visits. The theatre program consists of four six-week blocks from February to December, as well as five mainstage shows and two youth shows.

Through these activities, Full Throttle Theatre Company aims to be a hub of mentoring and training for young people with a love for the theatre.

Cost: $100 per term

A The Old Courthouse Theatre, Cnr Sturt and Stokes St, Townsville City
P 0476 590 004
Fb Full Throttle Theatre Company

Croft Gilchrist School of Dancing

Professionally-run dance classes offering a number of exciting courses.

Croft-Gilchrist School of Dance provides a variety of dance classes, from Tiny Tots and Dance with Me all the way to classes in ballet, modern jazz & tap, highland, acrobatic and teenage and adult.

Tiny Tots and Dance with Me – These classes teach students from the age of two to develop the skills of movement, coordination, music appreciation and to be flexible working with others.

A 36 French St, Pimlico
P 4771 5843
Fb Croft-Gilchrist School of Dance – Dance Studio

Townsville Academy of Performing Arts (TAPA)

TAPA cultivates the love of the art of dance in a nurturing atmosphere. The energetic pre-school programs Ready Set Dance and Ready Set Ballet focus on developing the 3 C’s for preschoolers – Confidence, Co-ordination and Creativity. Introduce your preschooler to the magic of these classes in 2020.

TAPA was recently awarded both Ready Set Ballet Studio of the Year and Ready Set Ballet Teacher of the Year for 2019 from over 200 studios in Australia and New Zealand.

They also deliver quality training from experienced qualified teachers in many genres of dance including, ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, acrobatics, Irish, hip hop, song and dance.

A 1/14 Black Hawk Blvd, Thuringowa Central
P 4723 2101

CityLibraries Townsville

First5Forever Baby Rhyme Time, every Monday at Aitkenvale and Thursday at Thuringowa – Sing songs and rhymes, clap, move, and explore books together. Designed for children from birth to two years.

First5Forever Toddler Time, every Tuesday at Thuringowa, Wednesday at Flinders St and Thursday at Aitkenvale – Develop your toddler’s early literacy skills and concentration with fun songs, dance, and a story.

First5Forever Storytime, every Tuesday at Flinders Street, Wednesday at Thuringowa and Friday at Aitkenvale – Encourage and nurture your child’s love of books while helping them develop early literacy and social skills. Sessions involve several story readings as well as rhymes and a craft activity. Suitable for ages 3-5.

First5Forever Messy Play, every Wednesday at Aitkenvale – Your child will develop their fine and gross motor skills by exploring fun, sensory, and creative messy play.

Library branches are located at Thuringowa, Townsville City and Aitkenvale.

A 86 Thuringowa Dr, Thuringowa Central
A 4 Petunia St, Aitkenvale
A 1/280 Flinders St, Townsville

Inflatable Kingdom

Inflatable Kingdom provides a high-energy, action packed environment with inflatables of all shapes and sizes.

Book online to save 10% off entry price.

Don’t forget your socks!

A 72-88 Hervey Range Rd, Condon
P 4032 2844
Fb Inflatable Kingdom

Ninja Parc

Discover a world of movement through an indoor obstacle course with rope climbs, poles, vertical and horizontal doors and much more for your little ninja. 

Mini Ninjas – Nurture your mini ninja with these sessions, focused on the development of movement and coordination in a fun environment. This program is for children aged three to six.

Casual Play Sessions – Ninja Parc specialises in play, providing casual play sessions that allow children to move at their own pace. These sessions are mostly unstructured and ideal for little ones as well as families.

A 18 Black Hawk Blvd, Thuringowa Central
P 0427 139 762
Fb Ninja Parc Townsville


Sk8way provides a facility for both recreational and competitive skating.

Learn 2 Skate sessions – Broken up into three levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced), let the staff guide you towards helping you become an expert in skating. Lessons are $10 per skater (includes skate hire).

Skating sessions – If you’d rather skate on your own terms, simply attend one of the general skating sessions. Skate hire available for just $4 per person.

A 72-88 Hervey Range Rd, Condon
P 4755 4422
Fb Sk8way Townsville

NQ Football

NQ Football of Excellence specialises in introducing children of all ages to “The Beautiful Game”.

They currently run free soccer training sessions every second Friday afternoon for children 5 years and under (Mini Cubs).

They focus on children learning in a fun, encouraging environment. NQ Football aims to develop their ball skills and general understanding of the game through team-based exercises and one on one training.

For more information please visit their website.

P 0427 919 997
E admin@nqfootballofexcellence.com





Mamma Mia!

When: Thursday 30th January – Saturday 8th February
Where: Townsville Civic Theatre
More info: www.ticketlink.com.au

Jam packed with musical hits of Abba, this stage spectacular will have you singing along as you join a young woman on her quest to find her real father, just in time to walk her down the aisle. Book now for the feel-good musical experience of 2020, brought to you by the Townsville Choral Society.

Parent Information Session: Triple P Overview

When: Tuesday 4th February, 9.30am – 10.30am
Where: CityLibraries Aitkenvale, 4 Petunia St
More info: www.whatson.townsville.qld.gov.au

As we all know, it’s rewarding and enjoyable to be a parent, but certainly not always easy. Raising the next generation can be demanding, frustrating and exhausting.

The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program aims to support parents to raise well-adjusted children. This session gives an overview of the principles, recommended for all families. Free, but bring your medicare card for Queensland Health.

Cowboys Community Day

When: Friday 7th February, 5.30pm – 7.30pm
Where: Training Field, Cowboys HQ
More info: www.cowboys.com.au

Cowboys Community Day is back, and it’ll be the first opportunities for fans and members to greet the 2020 squad before the season begins. There will be a player signing session, live music by IRAR, amusements for the kids, a free sausage sizzle, giveaways, memberships, new merch on sale and more.

Lonely Hearts Valentine’s Day Sale

When: Saturday 8th – Saturday 22nd February, open 9.30am – 3.30pm weekdays and 9.30am – 2.00pm Saturday (closed Sundays).
Where: Animal Care and Adoption Centre, 69 Tompkins Rd, Shaw
More info: www.townsville.qld.gov.au/animals

Be my Valentine, meow and pawever. Townsville City Council is hosting a 50 percent off sale for all dogs and cats that have been at the facility for 30 days or more. If you’re looking for a new furry friend to join the family, now is the perfect time.

Family Fun Day

When: 15th February, 10.00am – 12.00pm
Where: Perc Tucker Regional Gallery
More info: www.whatson.townsville.qld.gov.au

Head over to Perc Tucker Regional Gallery for their FREE family fun day! There will be free art making activities for families, all materials provided. Drop in for five minutes or for the entire two hours!

Shake the Rainbow – 3Doodler Pen Workshops

When: Thursday 27th February – Sunday 1st March
Where: Stockland Townsville
More info: www.stockland.com.au

Shake the Rainbow is all about fun, creativity, multi-sensory experiences encouraging the community to unleash their inner artist. Visit the vibrant colour hub, decorate your own donut, have a mini makeover, create an acrylic painting and use the 3Doodler Pen to draw in 3D.

Stockland Townsville is offering PakMag readers an opportunity to be one of the first to experience the 3Doodler Pen workshops on the 27th and 28th of February! Keep an eye on the PakMag Townsville Facebook page for your chance to WIN first access to these awesome workshops!

Sleeping Beauty

When: Thursday 19th March, 7.30pm – 10.00pm
Where: Townsville Civic Theatre
More info: www.whatson.townsville.qld.gov.au

Princess Aurora is dancing with four princes on her 16th birthday when she pricks her finger on a needle hidden in a bouquet of flowers and falls into a deep sleep.

Moscow Ballet La Classique returns to Townsville with the beloved fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty. This dance spectacular is one that ballet lovers of all ages are sure to enjoy.

Battle of the Brains

When: Friday 27th March, from 6.00pm
Where: Brothers Leagues Club Townsville
More info: www.thepyjamafoundation.com

The Pyjama Foundation aims to change the direction of the lives of children in foster care with learning, life skills and confidence.
Gather a team of friends, family or colleagues and get ready to flex your knowledge. It’s all about finding out who is the smartest while raising funds for a good cause. There will be a prize for the best dressed – pyjamas are encouraged!

2020 Townsville North Queensland Games

When: Thursday 9th – Monday 13th April
Where: Various locations around Townsville
More info: www.nqsports.com.au

The North Queensland Games is the largest multi-sport event in regional Australia, held biennially, this year in Townsville. There will be over 30 sports to choose from including netball, powerlifting, swimming, tenpin bowling, tennis, equestrian, BMX, gymnastics, karting and more. An estimated 4000 plus participants to be involved. The official opening ceremony will be held on Thursday 9th April.



Turning Pointe Dance Studios

Now taking enrolments for 2020.

Dance is a unique art form that has creative, physical and educational benefits for children of all ages. Turning Pointe Dance Studios offers specialised classes for children aged two to five years old including Mummy and Me, Toddler Dance, Kinder Dance and Prep Dance classes.

They promote a fun, inspirational and family like environment. Whether your child is interested in dancing competitively or just there for fun, Turning Pointe is the place to fulfil their dreams.

Cost: Fee structure is calculated by the duration of the class, ranging from $11 to $17 per class. Multiple class
and family discounts may apply.

A 240 Hartley St, Bungalow
P 4031 3390
Fb Turning Pointe Dance Studios – Dance School

Cairns Art Gallery

In a fun environment, creative little ones will improve their fine motor skills and let their imaginations run wild in a variety of creative activities relating to the Gallery exhibits. Children under six years of age must be with an adult guardian.

Creative toddlers, two to five years – Introduce your toddler to art in a fun and creative class tailored to the very young.
Cost: $70 members, $80 non-members

Level 1 Gallery Art School, five to seven years – Introduce art skills to children to encourage a love of creativity and art.
Cost: $75 members, $85 non-members

A 40 Abbott St, Cairns City
E info@cairnsartgallery.com.au
P 4046 4800
Fb Cairns Art Gallery

Jump Mania

Jump Mania is an indoor jumping trampoline park responsible for bringing the trampoline revolution to Cairns! Their 1,000 square metre airconditioned warehouse makes backyard trampolining a thing of the past.

If your little ones are not quite ready for the big trampolines, there’s a tiny tots area specifically designed for children under the age of five.

Toddler Time, every Monday to Friday from 9.00am – 12 noon (during school terms) – Toddler Time is a special session for children aged five years and under and their parents, carers and grandparents. The littlies can jump like mad and have loads of fun without all the big kids around.

Cost: (for toddler time) $16 for one child and one parent, $8 for additional children, $10 for additional parents. Grip socks available for $2.50 (required to jump).

A Raintrees Shopping Centre, 118A Corner Koch, Alfred Street, Manunda
P 4212 4066
E manager@jumpmania.com.au
Fb Jump Mania Trampoline Park

Little Pearls Swim School

Little Pearls Swim School has passionate and caring instructors ready to guide your child through their swimming journey. Offering uniquely small class sizes, an award-winning program and a gentle filtration system perfect for sensitive skin.

The swimming program is developed around child development principles and gentle techniques. At Little Pearls, it’s about more than just swimming.

Catch-up lessons are offered.

Contact the Little Pearls Swim School team for information on pricing.

A 1 Cumberland Ave, Smithfield
P 4038 1241
Fb Little Pearls Swim School

Cairns Libraries

There’s plenty to do at your local library to keep your little one entertained.

First5forever Baby Rhyme Time – Sing songs and rhymes, clap, move, and explore books together. Designed for children from birth to two years.

First5forever Storytime – Encourage and nurture your child’s love of books while helping them develop early literacy and social skills. Sessions involve several story readings as well as songs, rhymes, movement, and a related craft or activity. Suitable for ages 3-5.

Branches are located at Smithfield, Stratford, Cairns City, Manunda, Earlville, Gordonvale, and Babinda. Sessions are held regularly. Visit the website or check out Regular Events on page 44 for full lists of dates and times.

Cost: Free


AFL Cairns

Always wanted to play AFL? Any participants who are interested in beginning their AFL journey can participate in the nationally recognised AFL Auskick Program (5-12 years). Little ones turning 5 in 2019 are welcome to participate.

All clubs will hold their Information and Come and Try Day on Sunday, February 24th with training to commence the following week.

Check out the website for pricing.

P 4042 3000

South Cairns Gymnastics

2020 bookings now open! Book via Gymsports FNQ website.

MiniGym for 1 – 2.5 years (girls and boys): Tuesday and Thursday 1.45pm – 2.30pm
KinderGym for 2 – 5 years (girls and boys): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.30am – 10.30am
JuniorGym for 4 – 5 years, Pre-Prep (girls and boys): Monday and Friday 10.45am – 11.30am and Saturday 8.30am – 9.15am
KindaNinja for 2 – 5 years (girls and boys): Saturday 11.30am – 12.30am – Casual class, no booking required.

Check out the website for pricing.

A 93-99 Robert Rd, Bentley Park
P 4045 2947

Tobruk Memorial Pool

Tobruk Memorial Pool offers an extensive swimming program, catering for little bubs right through to adults. There is a class suitable for everyone, no matter the age, ability or reason to be in the pool.

Aqua Playgroup, three to six months – this playgroup allows babies and parents the opportunity to establish water familiarisation in a fun, relaxed environment.

Wonder Program, six to 36 months – this program is taught with the parent and child together in the water while learning the basics of water safety skills through songs, games and activities.

Courage Program, three to five years – this program is all about the development of basic foundation skills in swimming, survival and water safety through fun and safe activities.

Instructors are Austswim qualified, and the lessons take place in heated pools and are available six days a week.

Cost: Swimming and Water Safety Lessons Membership available for $18.95 per week. This includes one 30min group lesson per week, entry into facility other days for student, 48 weeks of swim lessons and free family swim entry across four weeks during the summer period.

A 370 Sheridan St, Cairns North
P 4051 2604
E tobruk@belgravialeisure.com.au
Fb Tobruk Memorial Pool

UMA Australia

Learn how to maximise your body’s force-producing capabilities through easy to learn martial arts movements. UMA Australia is not designed for sport competition, but rather for individuals to learn practical self-defence skills. Classes cater for children as young as three. Everyone is welcome at UMA Australia!

1 month of training and two belt tests free of charge if you mention PakMag. To enquire about classes and pricing, call UMA Australia today.

A 21 Donaldson St, Manunda
P 0414 782 189
E info@ckdcairns.com.au

Kindermusik with Nicole Tobin

Music and movement classes for children aged zero to seven years. A good beginning never ends. Music is the only activity known to strengthen every part of your child’s brain. Head on over and experience the Kindermusik difference.

Classes run on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Cost: From $100 per term.

A 9 Donnelly Cl, Brinsmead
P 0418 772 258
E kindermusikwithnicole@yahoo.com.au

Cairns Indoor Sports

Does your child need to burn off some energy? Is the weather not working in your favour? Do it indoors at Cairns Indoor Sports.

Kids Soccer Comps for under 4s and under 6s run on Wednesdays at 4.30pm. A new season begins at the beginning of each school term, and coaching is provided by a Brisbane Roar Qualified coach. Children will learn teamwork skills and may make some new friends along the way as they explore the world of soccer.

Check out the website or contact Cairns Indoor Sports for information on pricing.

A 164 Mayers St, Manunda
P 4032 2844

Jamie Gosling Football Academy

Jamie Gosling Football Academy’s Centre of Excellence is a great way to get into soccer or enhance your skills. Delivering unrivalled coaching and support in a fun, supportive and encouraging environment, the program covers all aspects of the game delivered by friendly, energetic coaches.
Little Goslings Program: For two to five-year-old boys and girls. Providing a fun and relaxed approach to the world of soccer. Children will develop basic social, co-ordination and gross motor skills. Parents are encouraged to join in on the fun.

Check out the website for full info on pricing and locations.

A Holloways Beach Sporting Complex
A Redlynch Central Sports Stadium
A Calanna Park, Woree
P 0450 181 626
Fb Jamie Gosling Football Academy



One of the many beauties of North Queensland is that you don’t have to travel far to find an amazing camping spot. We are truly spoiled for choice; choose to camp on the beach and wake up to a sunrise over the ocean, sleep under the rainforest canopy in the Daintree or opt for a farm stay experience to see a different side of life. There isn’t much in life that beats going to sleep and waking up beneath the night sky in paradise. Here are some of North Queensland’s best camping spots.


1. Daintree Rainforest Village – Camp in one of the most beautiful areas in the world, in the middle of the Daintree Rainforest.

2. Ellis Beach – North of Palm Cove, Ellis Beach offers a location relatively close to Cairns while not being too touristy.

3. Lake Tinaroo – A number of campsites are available around the lake. If you love watersports, you’ll love Lake Tinaroo.

4. Eureka Creek, Dimbulah – Free camping area besides Eureka Creek.

5. Upper Davies Creek, Tablelands – Offering camping spots along Davies Creek in tall open forest, great for swimming.

6. Woodleigh Station, Ravenshoe – Sitting on the border of civilisation and the outback, camp on a working cattle farm at Woodleigh Station.

7. Undara Lava Tubes – Explore a delicate ecosystem. The lava tubes were created when lava spilled through into the river many years ago, making for a spectacular sight to see now.

8. Russell Island, Frankland Islands – Bush camping is available on High and Russell Islands, both of which are part of the Frankland Islands group.

9. Babinda Boulders, Babinda – Free camping area located near the beautiful Babinda Boulders, ideal for swimming.

10. Malanda Falls – Malanda Falls Caravan Park is located right by the beautiful Malanda Falls and fringed by rainforest. 

11. King Reef Resort, Kurrimine Beach – Camp in a stunning location just steps from the beautiful Kurrimine Beach.

12. Kurrimine Beach Holiday Park – Offering plenty to do for families, including a waterpark, playroom and swimming pool with giant inflatable pool toys.


13. Wallaman Falls – Camp nearby the spectacular Wallaman Falls, Australia’s highest permanent single-drop waterfall. Adjacent to Stoney Creek, which is great for swimming.

14. Crystal Creek – A gorgeous camping spot in the middle of the rainforest, popular with swimming.

15. Lake Paluma – Lake Paluma is a drinking water storage and offers unique opportunities in a diverse rainforest environment.

16. Balgal Beach, Rollingstone – This free beachside camping area is located next to an estuary, popular for fishing.

17. Magnetic Island – camping at Bungalow Bay Koala Village offers the perfect base to explore Magnetic Island. Spend your days snorkelling, lazing by the beach, spotting koalas or hiking.

18. Saunders Beach, Bluewater – A small beachfront camping area north of Townsville. There is a playground nearby.

19. Keelbottom Creek, Hervey Range – Camp beside a creek lined with paperbark trees, providing plenty of shade.

20. Alligator Creek – Alligator Creek has it all, from gorgeous views to swimming spots and camping, too.

21. Broadwater Creek – This camping area provides a large, open grassy setting surrounded by tall, open eucalypt forests.

Mackay and Whitsundays

22. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island – Camp at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – the dreamy Whitehaven Beach, which has some of the whitest sand in the world.

23. Oh Deere Farm Stay – Stay on a beautiful working cane farm and learn all about sugar cane farming.

24. Cape Palmerston – Cape Palmerston Holiday Park is adjacent to a secluded beach, providing a unique getaway isolated from the hustle and bustle of the city. Spend your time away exploring the national park.

25. St Helen’s Beach – Camp on a beachfront location at the beautiful St Helen’s Beach. picnic tables, barbecues and fireplaces are available for use, as well as toilet and shower facilities.

26. Lake Elphinstone – A free campground great for boating, fishing and bird watching.

27. Keswick Island – Camp on a gorgeous island surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna.

28. Smalley’s Beach, Cape Hillsborough A shady campsite just a stone’s throw from the beach. Keep your eyes peeled for wallabies and kangaroos.

29. Ball Bay Camping Ground, Cape Hillsborough – Offering secluded camping on a small grassy campground, with the beach close by.

30. Broken River, Eungella – Camp by the gorgeous riverside. You may even be able to spot a platypus!

31. Orkabie Downs, Sarina – Spend the night at a family owned working cattle farm. Give the kids a taste of the farm life by helping collect the eggs and feed the chickens, pig and sheep.

32. BIG4 Whitsundays Tropical Eco Resort Only a few minutes’ drive from Airlie Beach, this location offers a swimming pool, obstacle course, jumping pillow, kids’ playground and regular family friendly activities.

Camping tips

Pack for all kinds of weather. Ahh, North Queensland – a place where it can be bucketing rain, and clear blue skies ten minutes later. Bring a variety of clothes, including rain gear, jumpers and singlets.

Before you leave home, check the park alerts. Closures are sometimes in place, and weather conditions (such as lots of rain or fire risk) can make camping potentially dangerous. Check the www.parks.des.qld.gov.au website for the latest information. You can also check www.qldtraffic.qld.gov.au for traffic info and www.bom.gov.au for weather info.

Leave the iPad at home. Camping is a great opportunity to reconnect with each other, ground yourself and immerse yourself in all the region has to offer – go out there and have fun!