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Print is not dead,
it’s just evolving

Trust is very low when it comes to many mediums. When you see something on TV, radio, online, in the newspaper or in a tabloid magazine there is an element of distrust. However brands like 130 year old National Geographic, have a huge amount of trust with their audience. Whether their content is in their print magazine or online, their readers trust this brand like a trusted friend. There is factual accuracy, impartiality, and their content engages with their audience on a human level. They educate their audience about things they never knew they needed to know and more. You can’t Google unless you know- that’s why brands like this exist.

At PakMag, we live and breathe the same philosophy. We have evolved over the past 14 years to be more than just a magazine. That’s why we are in print and online with active Facebook and Instagram pages, 500+ hours of video views per month on our YouTube channel, we have a parenting podcast, we do EDM’s, we have digital magazines, we have very active websites, and we also believe in face to face opportunities and host several events a year to engage with our audience physically. PakMag engages it’s audience on multiple platforms physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically and we cater for all styles of learner- visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and verbal which is important. 40% of people still like to learn kinesthetically and hold things in their hands- thus why books are selling more than ever, and Coles and Woolworths Magazine have had a 20% increase.

Magazines are one of the most trusted media’s in the world, alongside books. Newspapers- you have an element of distrust, Online- you have an element of distrust, TV-you have an element of distrust, Radio-you have an element of distrust as to whether the content is true- but magazines and books teach us. We trust what is written is well researched and well written without a political agenda. Magazines, like books, are an experience that people enjoy- there is nothing like relaxing on the couch with a hard copy in your hands. It’s me time, it’s learning, and it’s a time to disconnect. (despite this, we aren’t silly and know that digital is important, so we have a huge digital strategy that compliments our product offering)

As long as children are reading physical books in school. Reading tactile products is not dead, if anything the book industry is thriving even though you can read on a device, many people still opt not to.

As long as there are four styles of learning

You prefer to learn from pictures and images

Aural (auditory-musical)
You prefer to learn through sound and music

Verbal (linguistic)
You prefer to learn reading and using words, both in speech and writing

You prefer to learn using your body, hands and sense of touch

Then physical marketing materials like magazines, books and brochures are still enjoyed by many.

If anything, print covers just as many styles of learning as other marketing mediums, but we are the only one for Kinaesthetic learners.  Print mediums cover three out of the four learning styles (and many smart brands like ours have podcasts, video, and a strong social media presence for the aural, visual and verbal learners which means we cover all four types of learner).


As long as Richard Branson & Oprah Winfrey two of the worlds smartest entrepreneurs are printing their own magazine
– Print is not dead, it’s just evolving.

 As long as a publication connects to its readers with great content, beautiful design, and is targeted at a niche audience
– Print is not dead, it’s just evolving.

If you want to target a niche audience like you can on Facebook, you can do that with a niche printed magazine, or a niche printed flyer. In the US direct printed junk mail is having great success right now.

Sure some print is dying. But these are news based print mediums because we get our news faster than they can print it. Niche magazines and books are not dead, they are just evolving. Printing Flyers, posters and marketing material is not dead, it’s just evolving.

So how are we evolving? 
Many brands have turned into a multimedia business where we have our own Podcast, YouTube channel, Social Media following, events, and products. We produce content across a range of platforms for our dedicated niche audience.

So don’t put all print mediums in the same basket. Not all print is created equal.

A lot of people still like to touch and feel things. This will never change.

So when you say “print is dead” be careful.

Print is not dead, it’s just evolving.