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We help youth gain experience in the creative industries

Our Vision

Since 2007, PakMag has helped local families connect with their community.

During this time, we have employed youth and have proudly grown their skills and given them the opportunity to learn, grow and gain experience in the multimedia world and in leadership.

With your help, PakMag will now invest further in supporting youth development and allowing them to share their passion for writing, presenting, and producing content in a meaningful way.

We are on a mission to support youth to create content that makes a difference to their community and gives them more profound skills and experience to add to their resume. This is where the PakMag Reporters concept has been developed.

PakMag reporters are youth in our community who will be given online learning and face-to-face opportunities to improve their writing and presenting skills. These students may be leaders in their school, or they may be students who show a keen interest in content creation. Any student can apply. We will have 50 spaces in our first round of applications.

Our Long Term Vision

Our aim in stage two is to develop the program further in 2024 with the launch of the Virtual Leadership Academy For Youth. This will be an annual, term-based online leadership program for young people. We will cover 4 critical leadership areas:

  • Creative and Critical Thinking Skills

  • Confidence & Courage

  • Influential Speaking

  • Persuasive Writing

Invest In more

With the support of existing and new business partners who share our overarching purpose of sustainable social improvement – PakMag provides a mutual enterprise model that facilitates a positive ‘next-gen’ media platform. The PakMag platform will allow for the collation and distribution of engaging, critical and supportive content created and distributed by our future generations.

Your support of stage one will mean we can invest in stage two. Enquire now