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Grand Publishing Pty Ltd

Code of Ethics

Author: Company Directors

Adopted: January 2019


Grand Publishing Pty Ltd maintains a high standard of ethical practice in journalism.

Our Code Of Ethics is modelled on the Australian Journalists’ Association Code of Ethics 1994 and on The MEAA Journalist Code of Ethics.

At an absolute minimum, Grand Publishing Pty Ltd expects that our journalism is:

  1. Honest, transparent, factual and unbiased.
  2. Respectful to individuals and groups and their particular demographics.
  3. Sensitive to personal and confidential information.
  4. Compliant with legislation.
  5. Conducted in a manner that excludes plagiarism and recognises sources of information.
  6. Conducted in a manner that demonstrates integrity and creates collegial respect and trust.
  7. Not compromised by conflicts of interest, or acts of bribery or coercion whether given or implied.