Keeping the family fit and active doesn’t mean you have to join a gym. With a few modifications at home, you can have your own “work-in” workout place so you and the kids have no excuse not to be burning a few calories.

Step One – Find some under-utilised space inside or outside your home. Is there room for a permanent structure, or only room for removable items? Could you fit in some sports equipment like a removable basketball hoop or totem tennis set or have you got space for some more permanent items like a treadmill or exercise bike?

If your space only allows for removable items, think about ways you can have an obstacle course, or even circuit training; use cans of food as weights, and pieces of furniture to exercise on like arms dips or push ups using the side of the dinner table. The kids will love it.

Step two – Buy a few items. A yoga mat, Pilates circle, and exercise bands are all simple things that build core strength, won’t cost a fortune, and take up next to no space. Plus, you can use these in nearly any room of the house that has some floor space!

Step three – Write up your workout plan and different routines. Mondays could be shooting hoops with the kids, Tuesday could be totem tennis, and Wednesdays could be the silly circuit. Plan it out with the kids, add a few sit ups and push ups in between and we are pretty sure the kids will love doing “Work-In’s” with you. As a bonus you can all get fit and have a few laughs together.