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Win an Evidence Skincare (ESK) – Essentials Kit Worth $189.00!

The perfect introduction into the world of cosmeceuticals, the Essentials Kit by Australia’s leading skincare brand, Evidence Skincare (ESK), contains the exfoliating Hydroxy Cleanser, niacinamide-based B Calm emulsion, and the brand’s cult favourite, Ultimate A, an evening night cream containing the superior form of vitamin A, retinal. Founded by Australian GP and TV personality, Dr. Ginni Mansberg, the kit actively smooths skin, strengthens skin barrier function and rebuilds collagen on a cellular level. Ideal for beginners, the Essentials Kit is a powerful anti-ageing and anti-acne system for adults of all ages.

Competition closes 30/10/2021

Win an Evidence Skincare (ESK) - Essentials Kit Worth $189.00!