As the saying goes, “You are what you eat”, and the same goes for your pets too, which is why good nutrition is essential in keeping them healthy. Feeding a well-balanced diet to your pet, combined with regular exercise and veterinary check-ups promotes healthy teeth, skin and coat, strong well-developed bones, bright clear eyes, good muscle tone, firmer smaller stools, increased energy plus improved quality of life and longevity.

Premium pet foods contain a higher quality protein than inferior foods as the protein is usually sourced from chicken, fish, lamb and beef whilst inferior pet foods source their protein from bone and connective tissue which has a lower nutritional value. Protein is an essential nutrient as it provides the building blocks for healthy coats, skin and muscle growth as well as aiding brain development in younger animals.

The higher quality ingredients in premium foods are also more digestible compared with lower quality ingredients in inferior pet foods. This means more nutrients are absorbed into your pet’s system as pet foods that are less digestible move more quickly through your pet’s system.

The benefits of premium pet foods:

•• Less waste – Being more digestible and containing more useful ingredients, your pet retains more nutrients from the food, resulting in healthy, well-formed stools and a reduction in quantity, less flatulence and less mess.

•• Less food – As it is more concentrated your pet requires less food than when being fed inferior brands.

•• Contains quality nutrients – These keep your pet’s skin and coat healthy and can help prevent issues such as food allergies, sensitive stomachs, obesity, hip and joint stiffness, hairballs, urinary tract issues and oral disease.

The good news is that premium pet foods cost less than you think. The chart below shows how much on average it costs to feed your pets, Hill’s Science Diet Vet Essentials per day:

Hill’s Science Diet Vet Essentials diet range has been developed to provide a large range of health support for your pet, has a great taste and contains superior quality ingredients, is 100 per cent guaranteed with no artificial preservatives, flavours or colours and is recommended by vets worldwide.

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