What’s more fun than throwing a birthday party for your little one? A party that’s full of everything sparkly and magical of course! Whether you are three or 33, this majestic unicorn and princess filled party will have you jumping off your feet with excitement.


Glitter Galore Balloons
To add that extra sparkle create these awesome glitter balloons!

What you’ll need:
•• Craft glue
•• Bowl/s of glitter
•• Balloons

Magical steps:
•• Blow up balloons to your desired size.
•• Dip each balloon into a bowl of craft glue, making sure that the top half of the balloon is evenly covered.
•• While still wet, dip the balloon into a bowl of glitter, rotating it to evenly spread the glitter over the glue area.
•• Leave to dry completely before hanging up on display.

Sprinkle Station
Set up a cupcake sprinkle station where your guests can express their inner sparkle, decorating their very own cupcake with sprinkles and editable glitter.

What you’ll need:
•• Several bowls of sprinkles, edible glitter and other decorative edible treats
•• Pre-made cupcakes, already iced
•• Table space to set up your sparkle station Let the magic begin:
•• Display the pre-iced cupcakes on an easy to reach tray, so all party guests big and small can reach.
•• We suggest placing a disposable party cloth over the table to capture the sprinkles and glittery spills.
•• Let your party guests’ imaginations run wild as they create their very own sparkling masterpieces that they also get to eat.

Princess Gift bags
Thank each guest for coming with their very own gift bag fit for a princess or prince. To complete their magical party experience fill these bags with a set of stylish bracelets, desired treats and their very own crown, all of course, sprinkled with an abundance of fairy dust.


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