What the Results From the 2020 ‘Our Cairns Survey’ Reveal

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Our Cairns Survey 

The results from biggest community survey ever conducted by the Cairns Regional Council are now available online, revealing how Cairns residents feel about a variety of issues. In total, 6783 residents completed the Our Cairns Survey. 1,280 young people filled out the inaugural Youth Survey. This makes it the biggest response to any community survey ever completed in Cairns!

Mayor Bob Manning says, “To have so many residents filling out surveys is fantastic. I think it shows that as a community we genuinely care about the place we live.”

“As a Council we very much value this sort of feedback. This is especially true with so many residents taking the time to tell us what sort of city they want to live in.”

Our Cairns Survey Results

The Our Cairns Survey had a variety of questions on topical issues. In addition there were questions regarding the use and awareness of Council services and facilities, values and liveability, and the Council’s overall performance in delivering to the Cairns community.

Here are some of the most interesting results on from Our Cairns Survey in 2020;

62 percent were in support of allowing people to drink alcohol on the Esplanade and other foreshore areas legally.

83 percent supported preventing cyclists from using CBD footpaths . Out of this, 38 percent of them want cyclists to have a dedicated footpath before the council rolls any changes out. 

63 percent did not support any suggestion of hosting a Schoolies Week in Cairns

46 percent said they felt in their suburb all of the time. A whopping 30 percent say they only feel safe during the night. After, when asked why they don’t feel safe, 68 percent say it is due to crimes such as break-ins, car theft, assaults and more.

71 percent said they had not been a victim of a crime within the last 5 years. Overall, theft of property and break-ins were the biggest crimes committed against respondents who said they had been a victim. 

77 percent support having more police present on Cairns streets. 55 percent of these respondents believe that the council needs to address other issues first. These include substance abuse, domestic violence and homelessness. 

75 percent said they support allowing dogs within the CBD. 57 percent of respondents also agreed to the condition that pet owners need to pick up after their animal or officers will make sure they do it. 

Road Congestion that Need Improving

Unsurprisingly, respondents nominated Sheridan St between Airport Ave and Arnold St inbound, Cairns Western Arterial Road (CWAR) heading to the city, CWAR going north, Sheridan St between Lily Street and Airport Ave inbound and outbound, and Pease St / Anderson St roundabout and Reservoir Rd intersection as the roads that the council needs to improve congestion issues on. 

You can read all of the results on the Cairns Regional Council’s website, including results from the Our Cairns Youth Survey. It’s worth noting that the Youth Survey revealed that young people think it’s very important to protect our reef and rainforests, reducing waste and reducing carbon emissions (and more).

What We Can Take Away from the Our Cairns Survey

Overall, there were some surprising results from the Our Cairns Survey. But there were also results the council was expecting  – particularly with road congestions, Schoolies Week and dogs within the CBD. The survey clearly shows what the community wants out of the city and the Council and what they need to improve.