Every hospital will have a different procedure after bub is born but all will use a scoring system known as the APGAR score to assess your baby. What does this stand for?

There are five criteria in the APGAR test and each one is scaled from 0 to 2. Babies between 7 and 10 are considered healthy while babies under 6 may need assistance breathing or require time in the NICU.

A is for Appearance

If bub’s oxygen has been restricted during birth, then he may be a bluish or grey colour which will score a 0. If bub has bluish hands or feet but the body is a good colour, then this will score a 1. If baby has good colouring all over, then he or she will score a 2.

P is for Pulse

Pulse is the heart rate of bub. No heart rate scores a 0; a heartrate lower than 100 scores a 1; and a heartrate of 100 or over scores a 2.

G is for Grimace

Grimace refers to the reflexive responses that your baby gives out. No reaction will score a o; grimacing will score a 1; pulling away, coughing or sneezing will score a 2.

A is for Activity

Is bub moving or limp? If bub is limp, then this will score 0. A baby flexing his arms and legs will score a 1 and a moving baby will score a 2.

R is for Respiration

Respiration, or the breathing patterns of your bub is the final test. A baby who is not breathing will score a 0; a weak cry gets a 1 while a strong cry or normal effort to breathe will score a 2.