Children love almost anything to do with the outdoors. Whether it be digging holes in the backyard or making mud pies, a child’s curiosity for nature never ends. So why not expand their love of nature and create a sense of responsibility with them by building their very own veggie garden?

With the excitement of watching it grow and change over time and getting to eat the end product, they’ll be involved from start to finish, while creating a great opportunity to spend quality bonding time together.


What you’ll need:
A nice sunny spot for your veggies. Whether it be a traditional rectangular plant box or a round pizza veggie garden, let the kids be creative and use their imagination of where to grow their new veggie garden.

Gardening tools. If you don’t already have gardening tools, you can pick up a kit from Earth Toys which includes a spade, a mini garden rake, a pair of cute gardening gloves to protect little hands and miniature veggie signs to help navigate each vegetable.


Seed packets or seedlings. Try fast growing vegetables like, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes and peas. If you wanted to be creative try growing herbs like rosemary, mint and dill for a sensory filled garden.

Watering can. Since your veggies will need plenty of water in order to grow, make sure you have a good watering can that isn’t too big – your little one will want to help out!

Veggie signs. By placing little signs in front of each different vegetable throughout the garden, it’ll help make harvesting them much easier while creating a sense of organisation within the garden. You can easily make these signs out of paddle pop sticks, forks, spoons or you can purchase unique display signs from a variety of stores.

Helpful Tips:
Try growing fruits and veggies that the kids can pick straight from the plant and pop into their mouth. A good beginner fruit is strawberries as they grow quite fast and make a healthy snack for the kids.

Create a fun area where the kids can come sit and spend time with their veggie garden. Add a swing or outdoor chair near the area to create a friendlier and inviting environment.


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