Are you tired of trying to convince your little one to eat their food over and over again? You’re certainly not alone. While some children eat their broccoli with no problem, it takes a lot of convincing and persistence for others.

If you’re reading this, your child is probably one of the latter. Fear not, because we have compiled a list of various tips and tricks to (hopefully) get some nutrition into their little tummies.

This is what PakMag readers had to say.

“Make it a game. I tell my 4-year-old that if you eat your meat and veggies, it makes you smarter. So, after each mouthful is swallowed, I ask him a ‘tricky question’, like naming 3 animals that live in the sea. He loves it, and thinks he is genius by the time he has finished his dinner.”

– Jessica Ohl


“Spinach is great in a banana or mango smoothie! Or homemade sausage rolls with every vegetable under the sun, blitzed ’til it’s completely unrecognisable.”

– Annaleise Reveleigh


“I put veggies in everything, if you grate it up they can hardly tell. We even put zucchini and carrot on pizza under all the other good stuff, even after they realised they still ate it, ’cause any pizza tastes good.

Cauliflower with cheese and white sauce. Broccoli pieces in the Alfredo pasta. All veg can be turned into chips, such as beans, sweet potato, zucchini and carrots. Also, if you present it in an appealing way, they are more likely to try it. They still might not like it though.”

– Kylie Britton


“I found giving all sorts of fruit and veggies at every meal time from very little on worked for us. Our almost two-year-old eats pretty much everything, including broccoli and green beans. She always eats what we eat. Hoping it stays this way but so far so good.”

– Danielle Blumlein


“I blitz up pumpkin, carrot, spinach and broccoli and put it in my Mac and cheese… stir through some fried off bacon, and they won’t taste the veggies at all!”

– Kylie Millard


“You can hide all sorts of veggies in mince based foods.”

– Chivell Quickfall


“I put out a platter for afternoon tea most days. They always eat the lot and love it! But for some reason if those same veggies were on their plate at dinner time they would complain!”

– Rebecca Maree


“Just keep putting it on their plate. They don’t have to eat it, but if they try it, I make a big fuss. Eventually, my two eat what we eat… still working on the third!”

– Stacey Borzi


“Introduce it to them young, eat with your child and always give a variety to start with. It’s ok if they don’t like everything, their taste buds are not yours. I have kids that love Brussels sprouts. Just because you don’t like, doesn’t mean they will too.”

– Emma-Louise Holzheimer

Recipes to hide veggies in


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