Top Tips for Halloween Safety

Top Tips for Halloween Safety

When you think about it, Halloween has ‘danger’ written all over it. Kids are encouraged to dress up, to approach strangers and to take lollies from them.

But, in reality, the tradition of trick or treating is actually quite fun, safe and great exercise. I swear we would have walked about five kilometres last year, chasing after our kids as they went from house to house. And afterwards, we were treated with a bag full of lollies and a massive sleep-in from the kids.

halloween tips

If you are taking the little ones trick or treating this year, then here are our top tips:

  • Take extra caution when crossing the street. It can be so exciting for the little ones running from house to house but make sure they are staying aware of the surroundings and are keeping an eye on traffic and cars backing in and out of driveways.
  • If the front door is closed and the windows are shut, it’s clear that the owner doesn’t want you inside.
  • Choose a costume that is easy to run in. An extra long dress can cause quite a few falls as your daughter runs up and down the driveways.
  • Teach your children the importance of saying “thank you” after receiving a lolly.
  • Make sure you are as close to your little ones as possible. Children under the age of 12 should not be alone without adult supervision. We went with a group last year and the adults took turns going to the door with our troop of children.
  • Consider reflective gear – add reflective tape or stickers to their costume and lolly bag.
  • Make sure the costume that your child is wearing doesn’t restrict vision. Many masks look great but can be hard to see through, especially at night.
  • Even if you are not trick or treating, you can expect the front door to ring between the hours of 5:30pm and 8:30pm if your light is on. If you are open for business, turn on the light on your porch and put out a pumpkin. If you would prefer to be left alone, then shut the doors and windows.
  • Make sure you secure all pets in a separate room so they are not jumping all over the kids who arrive at the door.

Will you be trick or treating with the kids this year? If you are in Cairns, make sure you start the night at our PakMag Spooky Spectacular Event which starts at 5pm at Fogarty Park.