Top Ten Foods to Try in Hong Kong

Top Ten Foods to Try in Hong Kong

There are so many different types of food to try from countries all over the world. We absolutely loved tasting the various dishes.

Here were our favourites that I would highly recommend trying if you are venturing to Hong Kong.


You can’t go past a yummy dumpling. There are so many choices like pork, prawn, vegetable- the best ones we had were at the Din Tai Fung, which is a great place for authentic Cantonese food. This restaurant has even been awarded a Michelin Star.



Seafood is a popular food in Hong Kong. We had a whole fish which had been deboned with absolute skill; there was not a bone left in the fish (except the head which was still attached). They deep fried the whole fish, and it was smothered in an amazing mango, pineapple and pine-nut sticky sauce. It was divine.

We also enjoyed an amazing braised beef tendon Nanjing style which was tender and perfect.

Pork Buns

Pork buns are a simple but yummy thing to try. It is basically a sweet bread with a flavoured centre. YUM! Perfect for on the run.

Dim Sum

There are a range of flavours from beef and pork, prawn and even vegetarian. They are really tasty little bites!

Egg Waffle

This is a really yummy treat that you will find in street food stalls. It is a sweet waffle which is shaped like rows of eggs and very tasty!

Dried Seafood

Dehydrated meats are a really big thing in Hong Kong. Seafood is purchased in dried form, and they can be stored for quite a long time. They then cook the dried meats in soups or steam them when they want to eat them.

Dried Seafood- Slugs

Dumpling Soup

One step better than dumplings on their own is having a yummy broth filled with dumplings! It is a perfect starter before a meal, or a meal on its own for the kids. My boys loved having this for dinner and it is great for immune boosting.

High Tea

High Tea is a very popular thing to do in Hong Kong. Prices range from $50 to $200 AUS. Some are free flowing with endless champagne and cocktails. The food is amazing and a really nice thing to do. The one at our hotel, the YMCA, was impressive. Highly recommend it if you love a buffet lunch with a huge range of seafood, sashimi, roasts, and of course, lots of gorgeous cakes, treats and deserts.


We taste tested this delicacy at Emack and Bolios which is chain restaurant with locations around the globe. There were loads of flavours to choose from and some were even dairy free. But the most impressive thing was the cones! They have flavoured waffle cones that are amazing. Think a cone brim covered in coco pops, or Oreos, even Fruit Loops (apparently amazing) and many other choices. I had the coco pops cone and it certainly added another awesome element to a naughty treat!

Ice Cream

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