Trying to keep a child sitting in one spot for many hours on end can be quite a nightmare. But on a plane, there’s really no other choice! Here are the top 10 ways to pass time on a plane with kids.

1. Make use of the in-flight entertainment

This one is pretty obvious. If the flight you’re on has in-flight entertainment, make good use of it. They always have family-friendly and kids’ movies, perfect to keep them entertained for an hour or two.

2. Listen to a podcast

There’s a huge variety of podcasts out there, and surprisingly, a fair few for kids too. From educational shows to story-telling sessions, these podcasts encourage your child to explore their imagination.

3. Write a journal

This is a fantastic way to documents your thoughts and feelings on travelling. If your little ones are old enough to write, this is a fun idea for them, too; and they’ll love to look back on it years down the track.

4. Write a letter to yourself in 5 years

Where are you? Who is with you? What are your dreams? This is a fun way that really puts life into perspective a few years down the track.

5. Colour in

Colouring books are just as popular with adults as they are with children nowadays, and once you give it a go you can see why. It’s relaxing, creative, and leaves you with a beautiful piece of art.

6. Write a short story

Encourage the kids to let their imagination run wild. Let the story take place on a plane, or your travel destination; when you’re finished, swap stories and read the others’ creation.

7. Find shapes in the clouds

Look out the window with the kids and see what shapes you can make of the clouds as they drift past. That cloud over there might look like a dog to you, but a lion to your kids. Have some fun with it!

8. Surprise them with a toy

The element of surprise never gets old. Hide a new toy in your bag and present it on the plane.

9. Bring a Workbook

Bring a book full of find-a-words, sudokus, mazes, and other brain-puzzling activities to ensure some quiet time. They may even learn something, too!

10. Bring a sticker book

These are so much fun and come in all sorts of themes, including dress-up, numbers and letters, farm animals, and even holiday scenes.

Long story short, don’t stress too much. There are many ways to pass time on a plane with kids, but sometimes even if you try them all, your child ends up feeling upset. Other passengers are generally pretty understanding if kids become upset during a flight. Kick back, try to relax, and you’ll be at your destination in no-time.