Summer is almost here, which will bring warmer days, afternoons spent by the pool, family BBQs, and swarms of mosquitoes. However, you don’t need to use products containing DEET to protect yourself and your family from these buzzing bugs.

There’s a large variety of natural things available that are just as effective at deterring mosquitoes. We’ve compiled a list of some that you can try – and they smell great, too!

1. Lemon eucalyptus oil

One of the more well-known types of natural mosquito repellents, lemon eucalyptus oil can deter mosquitoes for up to three hours!

2. Citronella

Either growing citronella in your yard or lighting citronella candles are known to be super effective at keeping mosquitoes at bay.

3. Lavender oil

As well as having antiseptic properties, the scent of lavender can deter mosquitoes.

4. Tea tree oil

Like lavender oil, tea tree oil has antiseptic properties as well as a range of other benefits, which includes keeping mosquitoes at bay.

5. Cinnamon oil

As well as being a popular ingredient in baking, cinnamon oil is known to kill mosquito eggs and ward off adult mosquitoes too.

6. Black pepper

Sprinkle a little black pepper around your surroundings or use black pepper oil.

7. Mint

Mint can work wonderfully at deterring mosquitoes. Plant the herb in pots around the patio or use peppermint oil.

8. Catnip

Growing catnip in your yard can do wonders at deterring mosquitoes. However, be prepared to make friends with cats!

9. Thyme oil

Another fantastic way to keep all sorts of mosquitoes at a distance, even malarial mosquitoes in other countries.

10. Garlic

Garlic bread, garlic prawns, lemon-garlic chicken… who doesn’t love garlic? Mosquitoes certainly don’t, and if you consume more of it or keep some laying around, they are more likely to stay away.

The best way to stop mosquitoes from ‘bugging’ you is of course to stay indoors, but there’s no fun in that. This summer, remember to stay safe and dengue-free without the use of harmful DEET. Do you know of any more natural mosquito repellents?

Apart from using mosquito-repelling scents, what else can you do to keep the little buggers at bay? You may need to make some simple changes to your home and yard. Read more here.