Tooth fairy traditions from around the world||||||||||||||||

The Tooth Fairy is a long-loved figure by children in Australia and many other countries throughout the world. But not all countries have the same practices.

Here are five interesting traditions from around the world.

  1. South Africa

South Africans ascribe to the same line of thinking as Australians – leave a tooth and get some money. However, instead of leaving the tooth under a pillow, they put it in their slippers!

  1. India

In India and some other Asian countries, children toss their teeth from their lower jaw on the roof and put the teeth from their upper jaw on, or even under, the floor. The idea being the new tooth will grow towards the old tooth.

  1. Mongolia

In Mongolia and Central Asia, children put their lost teeth in fat and feed it to a dog because they want the new tooth to be as strong as a dog’s! And for those with no dog, the tooth is buried by a tree so the new tooth has strong roots.

  1. France

Instead of the Tooth Fairy, French children’s lost teeth are collected by “La Bonne Petit Souris” (The Good Little Mouse). The tiny mouse will retrieve the tooth from under the child’s pillow and replace it with lollies (not the greatest idea, Little Mouse!).

  1. Iraq

In Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries, children toss their lost teeth into the air. This tradition is thought to go back to the 13th century and is thought to be a pre-Islamic offering.

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